It’s all in how you look at it

I asked my friend for a quick break from all my teachery stuff. We headed off the island for a quick trip to a beach on the continent. Got there. Found some cool coral pieces and shells on the beach. Took some pretty sunset pictures, and headed back.

Can’t post pictures till I can use a computer, but check back later for them.

So, then, you could say that we got to meet some local families, talk a while, do some work together, take a moonlit walk through African bush, see fireflies, listen to swamp frogs play, and have an evening out.
You could say, we got the truck stuck in the swamp and couldn’t get it out.

I choose the first one, but. The second happened too.

Go big or go home.  Or. Try and go home anyway?

Livin’ large folks. Livin large.

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Teachin and Day Trippin

A little bit of my life here on Ilha. This is my local super market. You’ll notice the large array of items to choose from does not include any Mari safe chocolate…. I’m taking any forms of said safe chocolate at the address given previously. Preferred forms include dove and lindt, but I’ll take anything dark.


Keeping everyone safe. Last week the top of the branches were barely visible because of the flooding.

My three auditing students. They sit outside the classroom and repeat everything I say in class. Too cute.

Some local day to day meanderings.



I’ve always known I would be published someday haha, but I think I’ve taken self publishing to its extreme.

And now for some pics from my morning at the little island fort.










I’m a poster child!

Ok not really, but I’ve been making posters all day :) *super smile *



And the ( soggy from rain) prototypes for the next manipulative



And tomorrow I begin making the practice books.

This hand making things is a process, but a FUN process!

Happy days spent working on making things that will make a difference!
LOVE LIFE and it will love you back.

A few things have changed because of work and money issues, but it’s working out pretty well.
I’m exchanging English lessons to two of the most beautiful girls, for a room to stay in and meals for the time being.

Yesterday, I was teaching the restaurant staff and the older of the two girls kept looking in the window.
We asked her to go so we could continue with the lesson.
Afterward, I learned she was so upset and crying because she hadn’t had her English lesson that day and felt deprived and sad.
Of course I took her into the room and gave her a lesson My calling is teaching and right now I feel like this lovely little island needs me as much as I need it.

My current visa expires on Tuesday…  But with the help of my dad and my mama I’ve been able to get some much needed living and teaching supplies, as well as getting closer to staying legal!

Keep smiling. It all works out somehow.

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WhatsApp Messenger: Android + iPhone + Nokia + BlackBerry + Windows Phone

Uh, k, so…. Yeah I have whatsapp now. My Mozambique number is
I’m Mari McKahsum and this is your communication update.
Have a nice day.

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First classroom

First classroom

My first classroom.  Teaching for a construction company means they’ll build as we go! Pretty 😎 cool .


Learning vocabulary

Getting prepped and excited for starting my first full week next week!
My Address for any one wanting it, for the time being  is…
Escondidinho, Ilha de Mozambique,
Province of Nampula, 25

K, I’m off to go make visual aids and manipulatives for my restaurant class.
Love to you all! Especially my kidittos!!!


Let’s get it started in here!

I’m alive. I’m teaching again. And I’m ready to get it started up here in this joint.

I’m volunteering at the local preschool.  In return, I am able to use one of their rooms for teaching private classes. 
The locals are so excited!  I’ve been able to find a price they can afford and I can buy food with! WIN WIN!!

I also begin teaching the mayor and his staff next week. I can’t even create enough classes to accommodate everyone asking.  It’s actually pretty awesome how all this is coming together.

Slowly, all these little parts of my life are starting to show themselves for the blessings in disguise they are.

My short time in Turkey really was helpful to the plans I am making for my life here.  The trials and the lessons, the reminders, and the work of my time in Taiwan…. Totally necessary for what I’m embarking on here.
My training in Prague, my degrees, all of these plus are so necessary to even dream what I’m working on.

But, I am doing it.

Once again I’m reminded that sometimes the big wonderful things the universe helps you get come only with trial, to see how bad you want it I think.

Two weeks ago, my computer, external hard drive, and phone were all stolen from my room.  The thief broke in the bathroom window, jumped down, grabbed my stuff, then nicely locked the door behind him afterward.

So I’m hand making everything.
Stop is not in my vocabulary when I feel like I’m on the right path.

I’ve been able to get legal for the
next week. Now to come up with the next step in this visa fun.  Not sure how but, still working on it.

I’ve been meeting more and more wonderful people here.  The more I talk about my plans here, the more I hear how needed, wanted, and ready the people are. I’m so wonderfully supported by the expats and locals alike in this venture.

There are many many things that need to get in place still, but the ground work is beginning, and that makes me really really happy!
Until next time! Peace and love everyone!


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You see it’s all about that bed, bout that bed, no kidding

You see it’s all about that bed, bout that bed, no kidding

It would seem that my prior non-diseased self may have underestimated the amount of time it takes to recover from Typhoid.  Apparently 5 days is not long enough.  Nor is 7, or 8.  Yes, I am still spending most days in bed.

The frustrating part is that while laying here, I feel fine.  So I get up and try to do something…… then, it hits me.  The weak, dizzy, tired, must go back to bed feeling.

Sunday I thought I’d fight through it and just go do some easy walking around, conversation, no big deal.  I sat most of the day.  However, Monday found me so damn drained I laid in bed for the majority of it; not even able to complain.

Today again, I feel ok while sitting here, but not once I get up and do anything, drained.  I’m eating though.  Getting my veggies and meat and starch.  I have a sugar craving like I’ve never had before, so I figure why not?  I’m eating anything I can right now.  I’m eating at Escondidinho, instead of bed, so I’m getting a little exercise on the walk there.

The progress towards a school is, albeit slow, still marching on.  Education is my life, even when I try to run away from it to Africa, hahaha.

So, in my boredom I’ve been going through some of my photos and I’ve selected a few of my favorite sunrise and sunset photos from the last 2 weeks.  Here ya go.

I'm amazed every day at these beautiful skies.

I’m amazed every day at these beautiful skies.


Mother Nature creates beauty that is awe inspiring.


I think I hear music in the air <3


My rooftop is one of my favorite places!


The small fort is on it’s own little island that is only accessible by foot, and only during low tide.


Can you say wow?!


That’s the continent on the other side and two fishing boats.




The color contrast made me speechless.


Night night sun…… Thank you for your colors.


A creepy crawler on my bed. Not a great bed fellow……

I’ll put a few photos of me up once I don’t look as sick as I do right now.  No one wants to see this mess.  But soon I’ll be back at it.  Beast mode will continue.  And so will my journey through education.

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