Right on Track – or rather – treadmill

10 May

I did it :)Last week I did 2.5 miles!  A few times  YEAH, I even did more than that!

I walked 2.5 miles for 2 days, the second day at 43 minutes.  That makes me pretty happy. It felt ok.  There was minimal twingy-ness so that’s great.

I walked for the whole Oprah show the day that the President and First Lady were on; but I was only walking at 2.5 mph so I didn’t increase my mileage, only my time….  I don’t know if that counts.

I walked with my 2nd grade class from school to the University, and by way of Google Maps, that is 1.7 miles each direction, so that is 3.4 miles! (That was also 5 blisters even with tape on before hand because ding-bat me forgot it was walking field trip day and wore cute sandals instead of walking shoes.)

I took the weekend off of walking because of blisters and I’m finishing the last papers and projects of the semester.  I took my last final today and I have one more presentation to prepare for tomorrow.

I gave my Master Teacher a Heart Attack this morning as her thank you for doing such a great job.  For those of you who don’t know, a Heart Attack is where you cut out as many hearts as you can, decorate them, write words of thanks etc, and then plaster them everywhere.  I put them all over her walls and doors and even hung them from the ceiling with her little hanging clippy things.  I’m hoping she’s not upset about having the distraction…..  But I’ve been planning it for a while now and I had some really special hearts for her.  I think it looked pretty cool 🙂

I met with my lawyer today about the stupid fall crap. That’s what I call the whole mess, the stupid fall crap.   We’re finalizing the demand.  I can’t believe how difficult this is becoming.  It frustrates me most that there have been enough dishonest people out there that I am having to deal with this bureaucratic bologna.     I wasn’t broken your floor was wet and unmarked – I fell – now I am broken – just fix it – that’s it.   I’m not trying to rip people off, there is no amount of money that is going to make me whole again.  I’m broken, I get it, I will keep living with it even after you have stopped having your little lawyer baby fit.  But there are doctor bills to pay, prescriptions to fill, jobs lost and jobs I won’t get because you broke me. Plain and simple.  At least this part is almost over.  I hate having to deal with all this on top of dealing with this pain every day.  HSC is just making my life more miserable by creating this hassle.  Is there a hassle clause for a demand?

The best part, the one time I decided to go jogging because I was having a good day, apparently I was being followed and that of course means I’m not having any issues at all, how could I be? I jogged one day.  Good friggin grief!  Enough of that, it’s still on track to get finished within the limitation so, still right on track 🙂

I have big dreams and one shoulder and neck are not going to stop me from reaching those dreams.

Me and my treadmill are going to keep us getting better and better.

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