Like battery dead or like No Es bUeno?

27 May

No Spanish for 2 weeks now, but it has been nice to have sporadic Spanish conversations with David and Thane at home.  Granted they are the kind of conversations that the average 2-year-old Puerto Rican would feel was childish, but still… we are trying to use it and that counts.   The other day my phone battery died and I said, “ahhh mi celular es muerto” ( which I’m not sure is exactly correct), and David says, “like battery dead or like no es bueno?”  to which I replied, “umm, either way, no es bueno….  but, just the battery”.

A small rant… Earlier this week I planted eight  4″  potted flowers from the local garden store.   I love to garden.  I have always spent lots of time working in gardens.  However, I have spent the rest of this week trying to recuperate from planting 8 tiny little plants. Ugh.   Some would say, then you shouldn’t be trying to plant them.  But really, I shouldn’t have to be in pain for planting them. It was only4 years or so ago that I dug a 3’x3’x18′ trench and was slightly muscle sore the next day.  K, rant over.

I said my final farewells to my little second graders yesterday 🙂  They’re so dang adorable.  They put on a play; The Queen Who Wouldn’t Laugh.  They were vivacious and funny and well I could go on and on.  I’m glad I will be at the same school next year so that I can see them again here and there.  The human heart has the capacity to love so much more than the mind can understand.  I love their little smiles and eyes and hugs.  I still struggle with how to detach just the right amount. I want to fix all their hurts and give them tools to get through their lives and help them see joy all around them all the time.  I have to find the balanced place where I stay attached enough and know when enough is where to stop.  It’s going to be difficult.  I see them all as my own children, all children.  I see all children as my own and I don’t know how not to.  It’s a good thing mostly but it can have its drawbacks.

Speaking of my children, Mike is staying with us for a week or so.  It has been really nice.  His girlfriend is very sweet and they make a good couple.  He’s really growing up and becoming a good man.  I’m really proud of who he is becoming.  It’s all about what you learn and what you do with the lessons, not the mistakes that teach you those lessons.  He’s showing that he’s learning a lot and making some good decisions based on the wisdom from it.  Makes me pretty happy.

Cori is prepping for a tough summer term with a serious goal of finishing her Bach a year ahead of schedule!  I think she has a great chance of nailing it on the head.  Still dancing as always, she’s a tough cookie with a brain.  I think I’ll keep her 🙂  It was so good to have her here for a little while… I wish she could have stayed longer.  More importantly, I’m glad she’s traveling a little bit, I’d rather have her travel than keep her here!

David is, as always, David…. there is not a single description that would cover the basics.  But he is still in the process of becoming, as he goes through the amazing, ever-changing, volatile teenage years.  I’m pretty sure he too will make it through and become yet another awe-inspiring adult.  I’m so proud of all of them!

I’ll be doing some teaching over the summer but not taking any classes.  I’m finishing up a few things and seeing what new things come my way.  I watched an episode of Oprah that gave me another piece of the dream to draw in.  A long time ago I came up with a saying, “Draw your dreams in pencil, give them good thick outlines but be willing to erase and change and reshape until you get the picture just right”.  I have some dreams that are getting more details drawn in lately and it is giving me peace and restlessness at the same time.  crazy huh?

As Spring begins to heat into Summer I keep finding myself singing a popular little Spanish song……La cucaracha la cucaracha watch me smash you til your dead, la cucaracha la cucaracha its so gross that you can live without your head. dun dun dun.   Then, of course, I look at the smooshed remains that could not live through a nuclear war and say, no       it is not like a battery dead, it is definitely no es bueno for you.


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