02 Jun

I do not know what to do….  I signed up for the Joints in Motion Team to walk the Half Marathon with and for David.  Upon signing up,  a congratulatory message was sent that informed me that I would soon receive a training packet and all the information I would need.  Since then I have been walking every day trying to, albeit slowly, get myself ready for this event.  I began letting people know that I will be participating, so that when I receive all the info I can begin the actual fundraising.

I just received the info email this evening.  I knew that a team must raise $2600.  However I did not know that it is in in deadlined increments and if we do not make them, my bank card is charged that amount.  I can’t do that.  What do I do?  Do I call the $130 I already donated a good contribution and call the whole thing a good idea?  I knew we had to fly ourselves there but I discovered that we have to pay Park admission.

I don’t think it is financially responsible for me to continue with this, but David knows how committed I’ve been to doing it for him.  Am I letting him down if I don’t do it?  Will he understand if I don’t?  With a summer class, teaching summer camp, student teaching, fall classes, and training for the marathon…. I don’t think I can make the fund raising deadlines and I know I can’t have it come out of my bank account.  Plus I would still have to fly us to Florida and get us into Disney…  We’re supposed to be Going for Br0ken not going broke.

What should I do?


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2 responses to “Quandary

  1. shelly

    02/06/2011 at 10:18

    i say GO FOR IT!!! it is great to be responsible but even better to accomplish your goals. you can do it!!
    be positive that the donations will come in. stay focused on the goal. don’t let the fear get you. break the goal down into small pieces. have others help you. if you go for it – i will be happy to donate some for the cause!!


    • mariflies

      02/06/2011 at 16:30

      Shelly, Thank you so much for your support!!! It means a lot!! We have had a family discussion today and really hashed out what our goals are. I think what we’ve decided on does both, be responsible and accomplish goals. What we’ve decided is that we want to do this together as a family and -that it’s more important to do the walk together than to risk finances this go round. So, we’re going to start more local.

      We’re going to happily donate the $130 we put towards our entrance fee this time. Juvenile Arthritis is a literal pain in the neck -and hip and elbow and knee and so on. The Foundation needs funding to keep helping David and all the other kids that suffer from this disease.

      And we’re going to walk a local 5K together. Then a 10K. And we’re just going to keep finding events that we can do to keep David active and the rest of us with him so that he feels supported. That was our goal to begin with, to help him feel supported.
      Now, thanks to you Shelly, he feels supported by someone else too!! You rock! Keep checking back, I” keep everyone posted with what we’re doing. This isn’t giving up, it’s just changing the scenery a little.



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