Oh goodness, it’s a freak out week

01 May

So, here it is the day I’ve been dreading.  The day that the initial momentum lost its stride, and tripped.   I know that this is partially because we’ve been interrupted twice now by school-wide things that are unavoidable. Between the two events we lost 6 days over two weeks.  It is far more difficult to start and stop than to keep plugging along.

That time did give me some much needed time to get all the grades into the computer and off of my clipboard.  My Master Teacher looked over the grades.  The students dropped from a turn-in rate of 95% to 90% and she wanted a better idea of the quality of work.  Generally speaking, their doing fantastically.  But, there are a few that have fizzled out in quality as well as quantity.  I lost 2-4 students from each of my classes.  I started with 58 students working with me and as of today, I’m down to 50.

“This is called differentiation”, I’m reminded.  If they need to work on something else to help keep their grades up, then we have them work on something else.  It feels disheartening in some ways, but I want them to get the best grades possible, so….. It’s for the best.

50 students who are now in freakout mode for finishing their testing and trying to make sure they have  their homework done well and on-time.  Realistically I only have about 10 students in freakout mode, the rest are keeping up and there is about 15 doing really well.  I have a beautiful front-loaded bell curve happening. I’ll take that.

To have 50 students that are each taking a personal interest in their education for the sake of being educated is an amazing thing.

These students are writing things like,

“I can relate to Cosette because I know what it’s like to be in the low class and not have my mother.  I know how she feels that she wants her mother.”

“This book is like a reality show that was written way back in the day but is just like what is happening now-a-days.”

“It talks about characters that are good but are seen as bad because of what class they come from.  We are having the same thing now.”

“Jean Valjean chose to get his education when he was in the galleys.  I can connect to Jean Valjean in that I am choosing to get my education, and I will be in a higher class than my parents, like Javert did.”

I have another day before I can begin again, but there are no foreseeable interruptions for the rest of the time.  I am changing a few things I do to change the layout of the classroom.  Hopefully that will help the students get another surge as we head into the second half of Les Miserables.

And hopefully no more freak out weeks, that have to do with my students anyway!  Ha, I still have to finish my portfolio, turn it in, get an evaluation, apply for me teaching license.  That is a whole other blog  ):(

Until next time……


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2 responses to “Oh goodness, it’s a freak out week

  1. mariflies

    02/05/2012 at 18:24

    Hip hip Hooray, Terry just sent me this link to show my students once we get to start on the unit again tomorrow! Thanks!!



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