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30 May

This week I had a small “Are you serious?!?” moment in trying to figure out how to pay for all this teacher stuff.

Ordering official transcripts to be sent to NM State Board of Ed    $ 15

Application fee to get license                                                     $125

Background Check                                                                   $ 75

Adding Reading Specialist and TESOL endorsements

         to license                                                                       $ 95 each

Travel Insurance                                                                       $325

Notarized birth certificates                                                         $15 each x 3

Certification of transcripts, diploma and background check           $13 each x 3 (9)

Apostillization of  transcripts, diploma and background check       $10 each x 9


And that is just to get there and finish the school so I can get started…..

So during my “Are you serious?!?” moment, I look at my daughter who is home for the summer (internship at UNM’s medical school) and said, “I know everyone wants me to be really happy right now, I just finished this major accomplishment, I’m headed out in September to begin my ‘change the system’  crusade, I should be really excited, but I feel sort of depressed!”

That amazing daughter of mine just looks at me and says, “Yeah, this is the time when most kids move back in with their parents.”  To which I responded, despondently, “But I am the parent.”  “Yep”, she says, “and that’s why you’re feeling depressed.  Don’t worry about it, it gives you more to write about.”  I really have the smartest kids.

In other news!!

I have entered into an official writing collaboration with another recently graduated teacher.  Jamie also graduated with honors and we took many classes together.  She is even more analytical than I am, which is a tough job, and rounds out my “Let’s go conquer the world right now!” attitude with, “OK, so the goals are 1) get to Prague, 2) Specifically plan the research, 3) look up all necessities for publication, 4) …….  You get the idea.

There is in the process of being assembled a perfect writing combination happening.

Thane – the ultimate editor, nothing gets past this guy, he edits the damn mail; excellent English skills (a Bachelor’s in English); great theatrical skills – which I believe will help with the writing and creating of a project that the public can understand as much as my peers, experts in the field of education and industry leaders.

Me – Enthusiasm for the mission; specific training for teaching; ready to do research until my fingers bleed ink; culturally conscious; determined to make a difference in ESL education – which I believe in turn will create a better overall educational system; and a pretty good writer if I do say so myself,

and introducing

Jamie – also specifically trained; even more analytical than me; just as determined to create positive change for the education of students who are overcoming income/racial/language discrimination; down to earth, a go-getter, my ‘implementer’.

There is a very real end goal now and the who’s, where’s and why’s are starting to find their specific directions for research.   I once read an article in Oprah’s magazine (Jan 2010) by Martha Beck entitled It Takes All Kinds.  The article is all about assembling the perfect team and how those members work together by being different.  She uses Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings to help explain, which personally I found to be FABULOUS.

Each well designed team had a necessary mixture that included the “Quick Start”, “The Fact Finders”, “The Follow Through”, and “The Implementer”.   It is not the only article out there about this subject and not the only one I’ve read, but it did make the best connection from words to real life for me.

I changed the titles for my team to

The overall overseer – the person that has the purpose and end result in mind at all times, the coordinator of the other members to keep the whole team on track

The Starter – the person that has that beginning enthusiasm, the go-get-it-itis to spur the team on, the ‘if I can’t find it, I’ll biuld it’ person.

The Thinker – the person that thinks about all the little details that can be overlooked, creates the organization required to keep the project moving along smoothly, reads the directions.

The Builder – the person that hits the pavement and makes it happen on the ground, the one that can take the ideas, use the thinkers knowledge and work the deal.

The Finisher – the person that needs to finish the job, right, on-time, and better than expected.  The one that methodically pushes through because the accomplishment is the goal.

The three of us hold multiple titles, which I think will make us gel even better.

Oh goodness, it’s been an hour -> I’m off to go get my dance on then see about a part-time summer job in Old Town 🙂


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