Teacher Potluck

25 Jun
Teacher Potluck


As I’ve been getting to know my neighbors the last year or so, I discovered that there are about 6 retired teachers on my block.  Having moved every year or so (military child and wife) most of my life, it is normal for me to move in and take goodies over to all my new neighbors.  It’s rather June Cleaver I know, but still it’s  what I do. I have no problem with borrowing and lending a cup of sugar.

In fact, I think getting to know your neighbors is important crime control as well.  We’re more likely to look out for each other if we know each other.

About 2 weeks ago I sent around a letter inviting all the teachers on our block to a potluck last night.  I asked them to bring their stories of teaching here, teaching abroad, and their advice for new teachers. These wonderful women came last night and we had a fantastic evening.  Wine, fancy breads and spreads, chips and dips, chicken Waldorf salad, blueberry cherry pie, brownies, biscochittos, everybody brought something delicious.

The stories and advice lasted for 4.5 hours to my great pleasure.  Jamie was able to make it as well and all of us were able to discuss how teaching now compares with teaching before these lovely women retired.  One of my neighbors, Donna, taught in Turkey and Thailand.  Another, Mary, taught in .  Another neighbor, Alice, has been teaching in low-income schools in New York and is now working with a non-profit to help low-income students.  Simmie taught in Egypt.   It was a wonderful, insightful night.

One of my favorite stories was about Donna who went to Prague in the late 60’s and saw the Jewish synagogue that had been set aside by the Nazi’s as a future “Museum to an extinct race”.  It would seem that modern media is trying to portray it much more nicely, but she told us about walking through piles of artifacts, Torahs, Menorahs, other books that were just piled everywhere.   It was in the 1960’s as the collection was being sold off that she was given a tour by a Czech Jewish survivor and he explained how the Nazi’s kept a careful watch.  They wanted everything labeled, explained, etc for the future museum. As whole Jewish communities were eradicated the Nazi’s brought their belongings to this synagogue in Prague.

She was able to go back a few years ago and was amazed that the synagogue has been restored and many of the artifacts have been sent to synagogue’s around the world, including a Torah here in  Albuquerque.   I am absolutely going to find this in September/October while we are there.

Each of my neighbors/teachers was able to give wonderful advice, anecdotes from their days teaching, stories from their children are also teachers.  What a great night.  I want to do it again!


Yesterdays phrases

I need help                 Necesito ayuda                     potrebuji pomoc


I’m allergic to dairy         Soy alérgico a los lácteos                       Jsem alergický na mléčné výrobky

Cori was laughing pretty hard as I was walking around saying potrebuji pomoc in my best Sean Connery from Hunt for Red October. 

I have both the Spanish phrases down now, and the Czech cry for help.  But I am getting all kinds of tongue tied with the Czech dairy disclaimer……  Yikes.

Today’s phrases

How do I get to…


I’m a teacher


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