I fell into a burning ring of Fires

28 Jun

It would seem that the entire Southwest is burning down.  My dad lost everything on his property in Roundup Montana.  Idaho, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, they’re all on fire right now. There’s a ring of fire burning through the mid-states.

It would also seem that it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out that this is just not the right time to burn things……

I’m going to go out on a limb here and state that the US founders did not pick the 4th of July as their day for independence in order to assure that future generations would be able to light fireworks in their backyards in the middle of summer.  Call it a stretch, but I’m pretty sure that the Declaration of Independence doesn’t actually state anything about having the right to light fireworks, let alone during droughts.

I worry that too many people think that we live in a country that has “Freedom TO”  rather than “Freedom FROM”.

The Declaration of Independence for which we celebrate the 4th of July is a document stating the Freedom FROM tyranny, Freedom FROM imposed taxes, Freedom FROM political injustice, Freedom FROM allegiance to the British Crown.  It is not a declaration stating that we as new states have the right to do anything we want since “it’s a free country now”.

Seriously, I just heard a guy say “it’s the only time I can light fireworks, so I’m going to.”  There was a fire yesterday because a guy was smoking out a beehive and dropped the torch.  For pete’s sake people,  can we just all use some common sense and not burn stuff right now, not light fireworks, not throw burning cigarettes out of our car windows and QUIT justifying the “Right” to do so?  Please?  We do not have “Freedom TO” do whatever stupid thought comes into our heads.

In other news:

I sort of feel like I’m cheating on my challenge but not really.  I’m learning Czech phrases that I basically already know in Spanish.  Since I haven’t spoken the Spanish phrases on a regular basis before, I’m being sure to actually physically say the Spanish phrases.  I’m really glad I am doing this because I can see how mind boggling NEEDING to know how to say something in a different language really is.  And I’m not even in the state of necessity yet.  I’m only doing this for a challenge right now.

Yesterday’s phrases

Excuse me                          Perdón                                 Promiňte

My name is                         Mi nombre es                    Jmenuji se

The ň is throwing me because it’s like its own syllable instead of a blended sound.  I’m working on it.

Today’s phrases

What is your name          Cuál es su nombre           Jak se jmenuete

I’m hungry                          hambriento                        Já jsem hlad

Holy mother of pearl.   That is not a new phrase… but maybe it should be.


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