The 4th, the week, the flight – full steam ahead

06 Jul

I love my country.   I don’t joke around about this.   I really love my country and what it stands for.  I get peeved that the politicians and arrogant citizens screw up our country, but I really love The United States of America.

I love our oceans,

our Mountain ranges,

our beautiful rivers,

our caverns

and canyons. 

I love the forests

and the deserts;

all the beauty of our country.

I love the many different dialects and lifestyles.  I feel so lucky to have been born a citizen of a country that was born from and has so much potential.

It would have been nice if the original settlers hadn’t needed to destroy the original inhabitants and their cultures to near annihilation- but – I am glad that we are a nation.

As I get ready to leave my country, I am feeling nostalgic about how much I love my country.  I feel grateful that I have been able to see each of the continental states and experience the differences and similarities of those 49 states.  I’ve hiked countless trails, climbed several mountains, rafted a few rivers, swam in both oceans, descended the Grand Canyon, sat in natural hot springs.  I have lived through multiple earthquakes, an ice storm, a drought, a tornado, hail the size of tennis balls, a house fire, a flood.  I’ve traveled by car, truck, motorcycle, plane, train, ship, submarine, and golf cart.  I’ve attended a wide variety of religious gatherings and always felt welcomed.  I have friends across the continent and across the globe.

It is fantastic to look back at all that I have already done, and know that I am about to blow all of that out of the water as I embark on my journey to become an expat teacher.  I can hardly wait.

Our 4th of July was a subdued but still, it was a fun day.  Full workout morning, complete with a short run.  I did about 30 min of yoga before Cori and I met up with Bri and we went for a run.   The girls ran the whole way, I ran the first 5 minutes, power walked about 40 minutes and then ran the last 5.  Cori and I came back and did 3 strength circuits before heading off to go see Brave

It was pretty good 🙂

Cori made her first ever batch of potato salad, which turned out really well!  Then Thane, Cori and I played Disney Monopoly and watched Monsters Inc.   Thane won with a true monopoly that bankrupted Cori and forced me to forfeit.  Well played – anyone landing on any property over 2 consecutive sides of the board owed him like $800- $1200 in rent. Cori and I didn’t stand a chance.

My Flight Is Booked!!!

I’m so flipping excited! I leave September 4th.  The beautiful city of Prague awaits me.  Crazy as it may seem, I miss learning something new every day.  I am so completely ready to be going to school again!  Especially because it is only for a month.  !

Full Steam Ahead Folks – Full Steam Ahead


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