Friends are why I am who I am

24 Aug

None of the people or knowledge is in any particular order and I will probably add things as I go.  I have come to know and care for a lot of people that I will miss.

Stunting is always appropriate Katie
Never be shy with color on your eyes Sam
You really can fall in love like a princess Kristin
Treat people the way you want to be treated Jamie
Believe in your abilities, trust yourself Jean
Fairies are everywhere, whether you believe in them or not Leslie
You CAN cross the streams without worrying about annihilation Henry and Rita
Jump in and go for it Jennie
True friends can go years without seeing each other and still be able to finish each other’s sentences Jennifer
Don’t talk about people, good bad neutral, it’s still gossip Tahirih
It’s ok to be scared and still get on the plane Kara
Your age doesn’t determine your maturity level Marissa
Dads really can be completely awesome, great people that fully believe in their children and will do anything for them.  There really are a few good men left out there. Ed, Daniel
Fight for the relationships you really want to have Crystal
The biker babes are running strong.  Going camping with just “the girls” is the BEST Monica
Train your body, Sculpt your mind, and Dance with your heart Honza
Follow your dreams, even when it’s hard to do, even when nobody around you is, and even if it means working with poo Cori
Teaching sometimes means listening, some of the best teaching happens without uttering a word Kent
Enthusiasm for your subject is the best motivator Mel
Document EVERYTHING Kathryn
You have to toot your own horn Nick
Keep going, don’t stop Duane, Shane, Lance, Kolbert
It only keeps you down if you let it, so kick the shit out of it already and move on Julia
Love, it’s what we need, how we live, and what makes life worth it Chanel
If you’re getting stuck, find someone who’ll push you around until you can walk on your own again Christine
Do for others, do everything you can, make the effort, reaching even one person is worth it Adriana
Never give up Lea
Be a dreamer, dreams do come true ElfLaurie
Get involved Irma
It doesn’t matter if you don’t know everything, you will still make a difference if you care enough to Doreen
Don’t scare people with purple gloves, it could get messy, quickly Bruis
Women matter, women make a difference, women can change the world for the better Siobahn
Don’t ever look at something and see only one possibility, life is best when you can create beauty from everything Rodney
An English accent in America can get you almost anywhere Phil
Dance.  That is all. Leyla
Make new friends – Be a good friend Bryson
Everything, everywhere, anytime, is a good photo op – just bring extra lighting Daniel
Sometimes a hug will do and sometimes we needs a little hot chocolate booster wif our hug BooMeister
Life is an orchestra, just listen to the rhythm and you’ll find your groove Monkeyson
Photoshop red matches Lobo Red perfectly Supreet
Favorite aunts stay favorite aunts even when you haven’t talked in way too long Betty
Grandparents are irreplaceable Theresa, Billie, Carl, Daniel, Jean
Cousins ROCK Katarie, Lance, Bridgette, Kimberly, Shane, Todd,….ok, all of them 🙂
Finding your inner actor really does help with the teaching Holly, Thane
Be a Count – Rock the suit, walk as if the cape is always there Deveraj
Whatever role you play in the PTSO/ PTA – do it like you mean it, the kids know and it will be part of them even if only indirectly Kristen, Carol, Raylah
Even the silver linings have candy coatings! Sheri
Make your own sound effects, you are someone’s super hero   -woosh- bam- splat Marina
Braces are always cute Jamie
Prismatic Acceleration Rocks Beth
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