27 Aug

Saturday was an amazing wonderful, fun, exhausting, and exhilarating day.  After not sleeping because of being so excited, I got out of bed at 5:00am ready to begin getting ready for The Color Run!!

Yes, I can officially take participating in a real race off of my Bucket List.  I am a Color Runner!  It’s pretty cool how not-difficult it was.  I have not done a 5k before because *first I thought it would be really hard and *then I thought it was going to be taxing on my neck.  Granted I power walked more than I ran (way more if truth be known), but I made it easily.  I can definitely see me doing this more often now.  I keep seeing new signs around town for various 5k’s and I think, oo I can do that one!

That is an awesome side effect of accomplishing a goal; the realization that I can do it again.  The fear of the unknown is taken away.   Taking my power back from fear helps me realize that I can do more than what I’ve already accomplished, more than what I’ve already dreamed of.

I got to the meet up location at Civic Plaza and waited for my teammates. Beth, Jamie and I make up Team Prismatic Accelerators, yes sir.   Once everyone had their t-shirts, number bibs, uber cool headbands, wristbands, etc – we put all the extra stuff in Beffer’s bag and headed to the start line.  There was an INCREDIBLE amount of people!!  5 city blocks 20 people wide!  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that many people in one spot before.  There were 15,000 registered when they closed online registration, with more people signing up that morning.   There were so many people that they had us start in waves.  The first wave of runners came through the finish line before we even got to start and we were somewhere in the middle of the pack.

I really liked how they had the route double back over itself.  I do not know if this is normal as I’ve never run one of these races before, but I really liked high fiving the people who were “in front of” me and then high fiving those that were “behind” me as I was doubling back.  It was pretty awesome!!  There is no doubt in my mind that this was indeed the most fun 5k on the planet.

After a nap and a little work and another nap, Jamie and I went out dancing.  I’ve been bugging for a month or so to go dancing, so I finally talked someone in to taking me.  THANKS JAMIE!  I danced my little patooty off for a couple hours and had just decided on one more song before leaving.  Right in the middle of the last song we were going to stay for, I was trampled on my some enormous drunk lout.  It is funny that with all the people in there it had to be the giant that decided to attempt removing my foot at the ankle with his awesome dance moves.  But, it is fine, no major harm done.  I am walking without issue.

I got TONS of work done on the still enormous amount of stuff to go through and sort out and pack away before leaving in 8 days.   8 days!!   AAAAAaaaaaGhhhhhhhh!   I’m so excited!!

I’ve been hitting the grammar books, doing some major brush ups.  Besides the packing, I’m ready.  Hold onto your pants, Prague.  I am a mere week away.


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