Green Chile Pasta

31 Aug

The amount of crazy that happens at this house is decidedly in proportion to how long it takes to make dinner.  The longer it takes, the more time we are all together.  The more time we are together the crazier the conversations and the more likely we are to spit liquids that were supposed to be drunk, while trying to remember how to breathe.

We end up laughing the kind of laugh where you are holding your abs and your face at the same time and while trying to control the laughing you intermittently say, “oh” …. “stop” ….. “stop looking at me” ….. “oh no” …. “aaah” …… “seriously, look the other way” … “ok, ok, I’m fine” ….  while trying to catch your breath and then start laughing uncontrollably again and head for the bathroom.

It helps when the teenagers in the house are hilarious.  I miss having all three of them but I looooove the fact that I can still have random silly conversations via facebook, Skype, and the phone with the other two.


I sent out a few requests for letters of recommendation from my professors a month or so ago.  I am in awe with the responses I have received.  My times at UNM were chock full of trials.  I thought I was being a PitA to my professors as I called, emailed, and otherwise harassed them for help as I tried to work through parenting teenagers, a couple moves, an incredible schedule, and a ridiculous sense of perfectionism that I wouldn’t wish on any one.  Apparently I wasn’t too much of a pain because I think they may be in a competition to write the best letters.  I am not at all sure how I deserve such incredible praise but I am truly thankful.  I hope to live up to the expectations.


I sold the motorcycle, I’m having another garage sale tomorrow.  I’ve got a few more pictures out there on the market.  Now that I know I can eat while I’m in Prague, it’s time to start savings funds for moving to wherever I get to move!

Some countries on the list of where I will happily teach (in alphabetical order):

Czech Republic
South Africa
South Korea


This is not an exhaustive list by any means.


Though I missed David’s open house at PAPA, it was only because a wonderful couple, D and J, had me and Jamie over for a farewell dinner for me.  It was so lovely.  Thankfully I know the PAPA campus, trust his teachers, and love his principal and her administration.  I know he is in good hands.


When we first walked in we saw a wooden drying rack on the counter where J had put freshly made pasta to dry.

They put out all the best silver and china and treated me to a spectacular homemade dinner.

First, we had hors d’oeuvres; enormous sweet green grapes, salted roasted nuts, nutty spicy crackers (cheese on the side) and margaritas in beautiful crystal goblets.


After visiting for a while, we were served an incredible dinner of green chile fettuccine with shrimp.  The pasta was made that morning using green chile puree.  Though there were a couple bites that bit back, it was a delightful dish.  The shrimp was done to perfection and there was a black eyed pea salad served alongside.  It was scrumptious with red bell peppers, green bell peppers, scallions, and a hint of something smoky.


And then, even after I was so full I thought I was going to pop, we had an apple dessert that should be sold in some fine restaurant somewhere.  I love to cook and think of myself as a pretty good cook, and I am jealous of J’s cooking skills.  GREAT, perfect, fantastic dinner.  Thank you both!


Today I am at school again.  I love being around learning environments.  I’ve got yet another school’s population calling me Ms. McKahsum!   It’s so awesome!  I really may legally change my name to McKahsum someday, it’s seriously too much fun.


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