Praha, you are a beautiful lady

10 Sep
Praha, you are a beautiful lady






My friend Bryson showed me and my roommate Jennie around town on Saturday from noon to midnight.  And though we were sight seeing for 12 hours we barely touched the tip of all there is to see here.

I will be forever grateful for the abundance of insider knowledge he gave us as we walked around AND for telling us that after 5 years of living here, he still hasn’t learned the language.  This language one tough cookie to wrap my brain around.  I’ll get it, the survival basics that is.

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The Best part!?!  I somehow now remember Spanish.  I’m finding myself easily rattle off the very same Spanish words I’ve been struggling with for the last few years as I am desperately trying to make my mind take in Czech.  Why couldn’t it have done that before?  But I’m really glad to know that I actually can learn a different language.

I’ve found myself saying Good Day or ‘dobry den’ (dough bree den) with relative ease these days and of course I learned ‘Na Zdravi’ (nahz drah vee) or ‘Cheers’!  I’ve had a few beers in the last 3 days.

Speaking of beers. O M G.

Truly, that phrase is used correctly in this instance.  First, I tried the bottled beer; very good, better than any pilsner in the states.  Then, I tried the tap beer; even better.  Then, the God’s came down when Bryson introduced me to Tank beer.  I haven’t tried any of the dark beers yet, but…. I have 4 more weeks, don’t worry I will.

Today’s Czech lesson helped quite a bit and I finally figured out ‘Nashledanou’ or ‘See you later’.  That is a pretty rough word to learn.  The ‘s’ is not blended with the ‘h’ to make ‘sh’. Each letter is pronounced separately.

Yes, I know I didn’t display the phonemes correctly for those of you about to correct me… give me a break it’s almost midnight after a long first day of school here.  Today was a day of firsts:

First bug bite
First day of school, greetings, and what we’re going to do for the next 4 weeks
First day of Czech language
First day of Teaching English Instruction
First day sitting in un-airconditioned classrooms
First grouping with the other students I will be teaching with
First lunch at the apartment
First dinner with no alcohol
First real meltdown
First lesson planned
First study session with my group-mate

Along with climbing 96 stairs every time I need to go to my apartment,

3 blocks to get to the tram or mall, and any other crazy walking adventures – I need to drink a lot of water.  I am very, very glad I brought clothes for every weather because I am told it will be quite cold in just a couple weeks.

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I am pretty happy that I didn’t come to the August class because it had to have been unbearably miserable.  The rooms today were stifling.  It has been unusually hot this summer and Prague does not have many places that have air conditioning.

Each day is from 10am to 6pm – split into four 1.5 hour sessions.  We get a 20 minute break between sessions 1&2, an hour lunch, and a 20 minute break between sessions 3&4.  We have our first students starting tomorrow.  Real people that actually expect us to teach them English.

Bring it.  I got this.  (Now that my meltdown is over)


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