Taiwan, day one

31 Oct
Taiwan, day one

My first day in Taipei was perfect.  Tim, hereafter known as Kent, was the best guide.  His mother Wendy was too.  She made sure to tell me important information about every stop on the metro or train and to explain every step of how to get around Taipei.

Wendy has been working tirelessly to make sure that my time here is good.  I am not sure how I will ever be able to repay her kindnesses!

I will have some difficulty when it comes to the different types of food however.  Pig blood cake and chicken cartilage are not going to fit into my diet for a while yet, if ever.

Though fried food for breakfast doesn’t normally sound like a great idea, yesterday’s breakfast of fried breads with peanut and soy milk was actually pretty tasty.  I will have to take a picture next time.


Learning Chinese (Mandarin)

Kent and Wendy are fantastic Chinese teachers and I already know how to say several things,

I = woa

You = ni

He, she, = ta

We/ us = woa men

You all = ni men

They/ them  = ta men

Good = how

Am good = hen how

I am good = woa hen how

We are good = woa men hen how

Make it a question = ma? at the end.

Ni men hen how ma?

Spaghetti = Italy mein (mein is said forcefully according to Kent’s uncle, like I mean it)

Bow lawn = full

Woa bow lawn = I am full (which I was for most of the day, lots of delicious food)


I have a few interviews lined up for tomorrow, so we’ll see what comes of all this.  I am trusting in the Universe which has somehow managed to guide me here to this wonderful place with  a few guardians to help me along.


Last night’s fantastic dinner


I was taken to a Korean BBQ for dinner to celebrate being here for a whole day.  The food was fantastic, though there were some variations that I had a little difficulty with.  Though I tried to keep up, I was full by the end of round 2 and there were still 2 more rounds to go.

The table is set with a soup fire and a bbq pit built right into the table itself.  Everything is lit when you first arrive and you begin ordering the various types of meats and soup you want.  There is a cube of pig fat to grease the grill with before you start cooking.

Plates and plates of various meats are brought to the table.  Apparently is customary to have 4+ rounds per dinner.  Beef, pork, lamb, chicken, fish, squid, octopus, tiny egg filled fish, big eel looking fish, various parts of animals I wouldn’t otherwise eat.  In fact I think I’m going to have to put eat pig intestine on my bucket list, just so I can cross it off now.

Bowls of veggies, mushrooms, and noodles are brought each round as well.  A different soup is created as you add more water (from the hot water pot that the tables all share), different fats, oils, etc are brought with the veggies.

There are little twisted marshmallows and ice cream to have at the end and endless supply of fountain drinks.

SO full.  So wonderful.  So ready for the next phase in my life.




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3 responses to “Taiwan, day one

  1. Dr. Tran

    31/10/2012 at 22:31

    You’re such the world traveler, I love it!


  2. beaufortninja

    06/11/2012 at 07:52

    Food looks great. Many expats aren’t aware that there are many Chinese dialects until they get here. A bunch of them take months to study Mandarin and then come to Guangzhou where they’re shocked to find out that everyone speaks Cantonese. What about the Taiwanese language? Do many people speak it where you are?



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