Day two, something new

01 Nov
Day two, something new

I almost didn’t get breakfast this morning.  I was supposed to go into the local hospital and get my health inspection.  But ever the optimist, the eternal assumption that all will just find its way along, I didn’t realize how important these 2×2 photos are.

Reference for future expats to Taiwan, when they say bring (2) 2×2 photos, they really mean bring two sheets of your 2×2 photo.  You will need to bring 2 photos to every place, the doctor, the bank, the visa office, the school, etc.  They are very important for everyone, not just expats.  Wendy has a whole bag of these photos for everyone in her family.

Here is my impromptu, early morning, quick we need this, 2×2 photo that everyone in Taiwan will know me by.  Scary.

Well, there’s that.  I will forever be known with bad hair,  no makeup, and a ‘will this work?’ smile.

Breakfast this morning did happen with rice, fried eggs, pickled sausage, fried gluten and peanuts, soy sauce and the peanut rice drink that I really like.  I am in salt overload but don’t know yet how to tell them no as they are pouring more soy sauce on.  I don’t want to be rude or unappreciative.  I already know they think I’m too skinny and don’t eat enough.

Fried gluten and peanuts in soy sauce.

What’s left of the pickled sausage

Fried egg in my rice


Apparently the local mosquitoes think I’m quite delicious as I have accumulated a lumpy, red look to several extremities.   My left arm is the worst and last night I got to go to the neighborhood doctor.  I actually watched the redness move up my arm along the vein.

The swelling is just beginning

My wrist is the same size as my arm now and it’s bruising.   I can hardly wait for high mosquito season!!

I have acquired a new weapon however, so I am prepared!

The mosquito racket.  High voltage (ok not really but it makes me feel powerful, so go with it),

extra large swatter area  with a special power button

that allows me to release the voltage while swatting.  How dare you think of me as a delicious snack and then leave me with nothing but bruising, swelling, and painful redness!  You will regret your decision.

That and I will combat with ancient modern medicine.  I have ancestors with friends in high places little mosquito, you better cool it or you’ll be coming back as a worm next time.

Job Hunting

I interviewed with a wonderful school yesterday and have an appointment to teach a class on Tuesday.  I also have a fantastic recruiter who is working diligently on other options as well.  I will need to find a job in the next 12 days, so cross all your fingers and toes and send out all your best that I will find a good job within the next 12 days.


SO  flight stuff,  for those of you who I told about my debacle with the airlines, I may or may not have gotten the airline completely confused – here is the correct version


pretty pink flower yes                                                     weird red markings no


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