A full week in Taiwan

05 Nov
A full week in Taiwan

This evening I will have been here in Taiwan for one week.  This is such a crazy notion.  All this time that I said I wanted to teach overseas and here it is, it’s happening!

Taipei is an amazing city that has so much to offer.  Among it’s offerings are many things I hadn’t even dreamt of such as these items….


Some kind of bean?  Tim was amused as he watched me eat one.  He said, “It is so funny to see a foreigner eat one of these”.  He didn’t know what a translation for it into English was and I have no idea how to spell whatever he called it.


Fried fish on a fried food cart….  well, there it is.

There is a very different view on meats and refrigeration here.  Almost none of what I saw in the morning market would fly in the US, but nobody appears to be dieing from it either, including myself.  Makes me wonder?….

Ever Wonder What Goes Through A Fishes Brain?
I found the answer to that question along with what goes through a cow’s brain, a pig’s brain…  The answer?  A cleaver.

Yes, those are actually all the organs, just hung on hooks, looking delicious to someone….  Not me so much, but to a bunch of other people they are looking at all that and thinking, mmmmmmmmmmm  dinner.

Some more familiar fare had me making a few meager purchases, I bought a small bunch of grapes and four apples.

fattest carrots I’ve ever seen

Veggies, mmmmmm  dinner

Steam buns

Yummy donut type pastries

I bought the bunch of grapes second from the right 🙂

Introducing:  Monkey

Monkey is my new sight-seeing pal (along with future classroom buddy).  Since I don’t have a person to sight see with (other than my amazing guides Tim, Wendy, and William),  Monkey will be accompanying me on my adventures!  I am very excited about this, because in our discussions, he wants to see exactly all the same things I do!  Also, he has a much better smile than I do and has graciously offered to be in the photos for me.  This is a good partnership.

Tim took Monkey and I to the river front on Sunday.  It was my first glimpse of a few of Taiwan’s many mountains.

Herons in the trees

There are three houses hidden in there if you can find them.  One of them is supposed to be haunted.

Pretty flowers

I’ve been very thankful for every day here.  I’ve been working tirelessly on putting my resume and information out there.  Hopefully a job will be happening soon.  The interviews are piling up!!  That is great news!






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One response to “A full week in Taiwan

  1. beaufortninja

    06/11/2012 at 07:49

    I remember how I first felt when I moved to Asia. I’m currently living in Guangzhou on the Chinese mainland. You get used to seeing intestines and all that stuff. It sounds like you’re happy to be there. Many foreigners eventually grow very bitter, but it doesn’t seem like you’ll have to worry about that! 🙂



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