A quick lunchtime summation

15 Nov

Brief Summary

I’ve begun my new teaching job.

I’m a full-time homeroom kindergarten teacher at a bilingual American style Elementary school in Jhubei City, Hsinchu County, Taiwan.

I teach K2, which means it’s their second year of full time school.

I have 19 fairly adorable 4-5 year olds.  (At 4 years old, this is their second year of full time school.)

At least half of the students are sick at any given time.  They wear face masks, but seem to have no concept of spreading germs via, coughing right in someone’s face, wiping their snot on their hands and then grabbing their little friends hands to continue playing, sneezing over the whole table, or just general stuff like don’t play with your snot.  I’ll be fixing that soon enough,  well that’s the plan anyway.

I have exhausted my supply of EmergenC and AirBorn both, if anyone wants to send some to me, that would be the most amazing thing!! I can’t find it here yet.

I found a nice little Trader Joe’s type store, thanks to Techno neighbor, and can now get my hands on some lavender oil to ward off mosquitoes.  I also bought a fantastic 5 seed bread sandwich with sprouts, cucumbers, carrots, pepper, onions, some kind of red something or the other, mustard, and ham.

Again, thanks to Techno neighbor, I had a delicious fruit smoothie for breakfast this morning.

The one student that hasn’t been to school more than 12 days all year so far, hasn’t missed a single day since I started.

I even ate the seaweed today at lunch.

The air conditioner is a wonderful invention that should be put in some kind of hall of fame somewhere.  The same one where the sliced white bread is will work.

When it’s not overcast, this place is gorgeous.

Things I want to know more about

I took a picture of what looked like a really cool place up the side of a hill.  Wendy told me to erase the picture, it was a bad thing to take a picture of.  When she explained it to me, I realized I need to learn more about the Night Clubs for the Dead.

Yep, you saw that right.  I said, what? night clubs?  To which Wendy said, “you know night clubs?  go to dance have a good time?”

“yes, I know what a night club is.”

“This place is a night club for the dead.”

“For people that have died?”


“they go dancing?”

“many ghosts go there”

I’m at a loss here, if anyone has the scoop on this, please enlighten me.  I don’t feel that I could have misunderstood her explanation, but I need to understand the concept of a night club for ghosts.  The like of which I am not allowed to take pictures of.  I know a few ghost hunters that would be all about the picture taking.

K, gotta get back to class….   Peace and love everyone, peace and love.





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4 responses to “A quick lunchtime summation

  1. Mike Knoche

    15/11/2012 at 18:44



  2. Kent

    16/11/2012 at 01:16

    I think i know what Wendy was trying to say 😀
    I could explain to you when we hang out ~~~


  3. Valerie Scott

    30/11/2012 at 04:26

    If this is fact, what a clever idea!!!!! Why not!



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