Celebrity Crush

16 Nov

I never understood celebrity crushes.

I always said, “Celebrities are just people.  True they’re people that generally work pretty hard, and get paid too much for what they do, but they’re just people.  I know people that work hard and don’t get paid enough, they don’t get all kinds of publicity”.

I’ve met a couple celebrities, sort of.  I didn’t get all OOOOOOOH,  it’s so and so!  I just kind of let them go about their business.  I’m sure I actually upset one because I didn’t get all crazy about the fact that he was there, but hey, I don’t get star struck.  I don’t think they’re better than me, or that I’m better than them.  We’re all just people.   Truth be told, I don’t want to have celebrity.  I feel bad for the fact that they have nutballs all up in their faces with everything they do.  It must be really hard to have everything you do or say nit-picked raw.  I don’t envy them.

I have to take a truth moment though.

I have,

wait for it

Developed a celebrity crush.

It started about 6 or 7 years ago.  I don’t know, maybe that’s when he hit the scene, maybe not.  Honestly, I haven’t looked it up…..  I just know that I melt like butter every time I hear him or see him on anything.   It’s not a thing where I look up everything about him or stalk him on facebook…. Frankly I don’t even know if he has a facebook.

It’s been the last 3 years that I have come to realize that I know his voice the second I hear it and I have absolutely no control over the reaction I have when I see him.  I truly disgust myself with how “oh my gawd, it’s him!!!” I get, really.  I think the people that react that way are slightly delusional.  Damn,  I’m one of them.

What’s hysterical about this crush is of course, if I was to ever meet him in person, I would…

A) ignore him

B) cry, quietly like and be speechless

C) forget how to breathe until someone asked me to please breathe in now

D) turn and walk away at a decent clip, or

E) my favorite truth,(not) the “I’m a clutz under all circumstances but nervousness brings out the best of me” scenario and I’d fall, trip, spill something, burp, hiccup, stick myself with whatever I was holding as I tried to not look flustered or some combination of any of those,

or F) the worst and probably most  likely of reactions, I would laugh uncontrollably.

I know that’s how I’d probably react because I just thought long and hard about it.  What would I do if he was magically right here in front of me?

Sadly, none of those reactions, though truthful, would land me with a nice handshake, a probing question from him, a thoughtful “oh I’ve read your blog”, no.  Heaven would be so kind as to let me think somehow I could be the one he’s been looking for all his life, in true fairy tale status.

My reactions would get me a look to his, (whomever takes care of all his stuff), person that said,

“Who the heck did you just bring me to see?”

I’d just be another groupie, or whatever you call crazy-stalker-movie people.  No one special, and a clutzy drooler to boot.

Damn and damn again though, if  I don’t want the chance to find out how I’d react.  Yes, I have hit grand delusional status in the last year.   It’s all because of his voice.  Phantom of the Opera, I could listen to him every day.  Yes, OH YES, the rest of him is so part of the package, but that voice.   I could listen to him talk for hours on end and never ever tire, no matter what he was talking about.   OK, yes, I fully understand that statement is also delusional.  If he turned out to be a narcissistic bone head, it would be more difficult after a couple years, BUT…………those couple of years might be worth it.

He’s only 3 years older than me, very workable.

I really truly am smitten.  I feel sorry for whomever I eventually fall for because they have some pretty tall shoes to fill now.

It is impossible to play a character that you can’t identify with somehow and his characters are masculine and guarded and there’s this real ness to the depth that is something many other actors don’t have.   Umm, except for n Bounty Hunter…  his character was a bit of a butthead in that one.

Gerard Butler, everything I know about you, which sadly isn’t much because though I have this instantaneous, instinctual reaction to you, I still cannot bring myself to stalk you, says you’re someone I need to know.

*(crap… for all I know he’s married!  Dang.  I hadn’t thought about that.  Now, I might have to look him up in ways other than a movie reel) (or not, who cares if he’s married,  this is only fantasy anyway right?  I’ll just watch Lara Croft:Tomb Raider or PS I Love You again, sigh) * what was I talking about?


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One response to “Celebrity Crush

  1. Valerie Scott

    30/11/2012 at 04:21


    You will never know what your reaction will be when you see someone that you just idolize. I remember seeing Johnny Mathis, whom I also think has one of the most beautiful voices, on 53rd. St. in Manhattan, NYC, and not being able to say one word to him. We were coming from opposite directions, and I am thinking, heavens, I am going to pass out. I come face to face with him, and couldn’t utter a word. Anyway, he had a laugh out of it, because he realized just what had happened. I bet that many of the “famous” folks get this a lot.
    If you can plan a reaction, and carry it out, I’d be happy to hear how it goes!!!
    You be well and happy. God bless.



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