Rain Rain go away, come again another day….

26 Nov

Beautiful sunsets, lots of rain and Thanksgiving turkey.

I just realized that I can cross off another item on my Bucket List!!!

I LIVE on an island and have been watching sunsets here for almost three weeks now! Yeah, I love crossing things off my list! I also like adding things to my list. I found a picture of an awesome beach cove so…. once I can start putting pictures on here, I’ll show all of you.   Finding out where it is, what it’s called, and going to it are now on the Bucket List.

I haven’t done a lot of exploring this week, so no real news on that front. However, watching the incredible amounts of rain that can pour down here has been an experience in itself. The school playground turned into a shin deep lake and we still did morning exercises. An entire school of little kids, under the walkway, watching the pouring rain, and singing “Exercise makes me happy, exercise makes me happy!”  I’m not so sure it was making them happy but I got a pretty good squeal from my class when I told them I was going to go swimming.

This week was my first time taking my kids to “The Sensory Room”.  It’s basically the biggest McDonald’s playground I’ve ever seen; 3 floors high and the base is aprox. 30ftx30ft. The kids LOVE it! I can get them to do anything if I tell them we’ll go to sensory afterwards 🙂

OR to The Dollhouse.

Picture another 3 story loft style 30ftx50ft room separated into 7 different areas. It’s set up like a little town. One area is a barber shop/ beauty salon. One area is a kitchen/ diner. One area is a construction site, so on and so forth. Each area has all the pretend “stuff” in it; pots and pans, fake food of every type, fake menus, tables, table cloths, fake curling irons, giant doll heads with long or short hair, salon chairs, curlers, you get the idea. They have such a great time in there!

It actually hurt my soul to see a table full of little children licking the tops of their pumpkin pie and turning up their noses.  I wish I could still eat pumpkin pie and I watched a whole pie get thrown away piece by licked piece.  Aside from that Thanksgiving was a success for our class.  Several parents went in together to buy a real smoked turkey.  It was amazingly delicious.  Corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and gravy, and various Taiwanese delights along with their favorite yogurt drink.

Thanksgiving a day early was really nice to spend with my new friends and fellow teachers.  I am thankful to be able to find “family” wherever I go.  I missed my children terribly.  It was the first night I cried.  The younger two had a great time with their dad’s family though, so I’m grateful for that.   I wish Mike had been able to find someone to share Thanksgiving with, but I know being able to stay in Billings so he could work, instead of go with my dad to Nevada,  was important too!!

My friend Bryson said that Thanksgiving is a sad time for American expats.  I think that’s true.  Christmas/ Hanukkah or some form of religious holiday around the end of the year is celebrated world wide, but Thanksgiving is an American holiday.  It’s a holiday to celebrate family and show our gratitude with them.  It’s hard to be somewhere else during this time.

I am grateful for this experience and that my children support me in doing this!  I’m grateful for what I have had to overcome, what I have been blessed with, and what lies ahead.  I’m pretty grateful for island sunsets, old friends, enduring friends, new friends.

A new week is about to begin, can’t wait to see what is about to take place!



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2 responses to “Rain Rain go away, come again another day….

  1. Valerie Scott

    30/11/2012 at 03:53


    Got to read your blog today. Although I don’t have one, I always enjoy reading about how others are doing. It seems like you are settling in quite well, and for that I am thankful. You are gaining so much knowledge over there, and that’s a blessing. I am sure that you are enjoying the children. Keep up the good work.
    Most people would be so surprised that Christmas is such an huge holiday in many parts of the world. I remember being in Thailand at Christmas, and marvelling at all the attention paid to that holiday.
    You be well and happy. God bless.



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