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03 Dec

I am allergic to mosquitoes.  This has been discussed previously here.  I live on the 8th floor of my dorm building.  (Yes,  I still walk up 8 flights of stairs -132 stairs to be exact – every day at least once)

While talking with Wendy and discussing the mosquito situation, she just laughed at me and said,

Mosquitoes can not fly up to the 8th floor, it is too far!  They will get tired!”  I thought about that for a minute and while remembering the previous evening and the rather large number of mosquitoes I killed (I go mosquito hunting every night with my High Voltage racket), I replied,

“That must be why they find me so delicious.  They’re tired from the exertion and need a good snack”.


While in the Sensory Room (here) I pretend I am one of two things; either a dinosaur out to eat all the children, or the Tickle Monster hell bent on tickling them until a friend comes to rescue them.  I still roar when I am the Tickle Monster…. monsters roar.  Trust me, I watched a whole movie about it.

Today while being the tickle monster/ hungry dinosaur, I was in the ball pit located at the end of the longest tube slide.  Perched ever so close to the end but not in view, I awaited the oncoming victim.  She slid, I roared, she screamed and ran up (the way all of them do *insert evil smile*) and then came sliding down, because they can’t actually climb up very far.

I took one look and saw the biggest crocodile tears I’ve ever seen on a child’s face.  I had actually authentically scared her to tears.  She came out and leaped in my lap, wrapped herself around me, buried her little face on me and sobbed for 2-3 min.  Then she just clung to me with all four limbs as I sat there as she leaked from her eyes for another 5 min.  She was completely distraught and I’m pretty sure her bottom lip may be permanently stuck out now.  But she wouldn’t budge off of my lap or from being completely wrapped around me until time was up.  I can’t tell if she didn’t realize that I was the monster and was clinging to me for safety or if she just needed to make sure I wasn’t going to become a monster again….   I completely and fully understand Sully in a way I never could before.  See what I mean here.


A butterfly wing found it’s way into my path this morning.  I feel a little sorry for the butterfly that lost that wing, but it was an oddly pleasant finding this morning.  I know sounds weird to have a severed body part be pleasant.  I just saw it and thought of butterflies and flowers and lovely things for a few minutes.  Random.


I accomplished almost every goal I set for myself today.  AND I learned the actual way to say the Kuan Yin mantra.  Now I have to reteach myself how to say it in my head.


Coffee is NOT good when mixed with peanut juice.


This is the year of the dragon according to the Chinese calendar.  I have mentioned before that I have discovered that following pregnant women is helpful when looking for necessities.  I only realized after writing that just how many pregnant women there are around here.  I finally asked about it.  Taiwan has a shortage of babies apparently.  There are more people dying of old age than are being born.  I, along with others, might argue that there are a lot of people in this very small nation already, but I, along with others are not in charge or have a full understanding of how politics, economy and population are really interrelated.

There is actually a government incentive for having children.  If a couple has 3 children they are basically taken care of for life by the government.  In this, the year of the dragon, the luckiest of all the Chinese years, there are a LOT of pregnant women in this country.  It is not at all difficult to find a pregnant lady to follow if need be.


One needs buy a wine key if one intends to drink the wine they buy.  I therefore have a nice decoration until payday on Wednesday.


TODAY THERE WAS SUNSHINE!!!   aaaahh smile.  It was like a little light bulb in the sky sending a ray of hope.   The sun exists behind all these rain clouds, it does, it really does!


I really like my coworkers.  I like hearing about what they do and what they want to do.  They are an interesting and enjoyable group of people.

WELL I am off to go mosquito hunting and then night night.   To all of you, I hope you look for the random things that make life interesting.  The little things that find their way into our lives are how the big things get accomplished.



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