Food Food Food…..

30 Dec

I’m having to figure out food. Everyday food, go out food, cultural food, too much food, too little food…. Food, food, food.

It is weird, coming from America, to see my food in its original form.

This guy has had a pretty bad day I think….

The food here is giving me trouble. Some of it I’m down right scared of. Some of it I can’t eat. Some of it I can’t bring myself to eat. And the stuff I do like and want to eat I don’t know how to order when I’m by myself.

They will quite literally cook your goose, or chicken, or duck, or anything else here. It will generally be fried or boiled. Roasting doesn’t really happen and ‘barbecue’ is a variation of boiled.

On the bright side, there are some really yummy things to eat here too!!!

Like the incredible cakes. I personally can’t eat them, but they smell delicious and they get eaten pretty quickly.

The fruit smoothies are the fracking bomb! Yum yum. I like the one pictured in the middle. It has dragon fruit! Who doesn’t like something with dragon fruit in it?

I still can’t get a straight answer as to what this deliciousness is, but man was it super tasty!

There is no shortage of fresh food. Really really fresh.

The restaurants have some great spreads and if you have someone who understands what is being ordered some great stuff can come your way!

But again, it’s either boiled or fried.

And you will also get some interesting local delicacies that will turn your stomach like Hundred Year Old Egg. Which isn’t exactly 100 years old, but it does look and smell like it has to potential to have been.

We went to a restaurant named Whalens one fine morning for brunch and had some great food!! Check them out if you’re in Taipei. This was a skillet dish with 2 poached eggs over potatoes, peppers, and other goodness.

A typical school lunch sans the rice and soup.

And a typical dinner at Tim/Kent’s house.

The fruits and veggies here are flipping phenomenal! Ginormous and delicious.

The apples here are as large as cantaloupes!

I was amazed at how big the Korean pears were too!!

Still in love with coffee.

Street fare is a whole category unto itself.

Roasted corn with or without some kind of coating.

Everything is freshly made!

These mushrooms are so big they can make a whole meal.

There is a very large preference to gummy foods that I do not understand, but hey, whatever.

Here is a woman making these gummy pockets. I’m guessing tapico starch or something similar. It looks white while it is still a dough. They put some in the bottom of a shape, then a pork filling, then put some on top. It gets boiled and turns into this pink gummy pocket. Think fruit snack texture with pork flavor. I wasn’t too into them, but lots and lots of people were!

I did like the Tarot ball soup. One thing to know before traveling to Taiwan – bean soup here is always sweet and more than likely cold. But yummy and will probably include something gummy.

I fell in love with these little bricks of goodness. They are ginger tea cubes. You drop them in boiling (yes lava temperature is required) water, wait about 15 minutes, let it cool down to a drinking temp and thoroughly enjoy.

I went to my local organic store and lo and behold I find organic honey from France. Cool.

I also found organic frozen fish….. because the ones they pull out of the ocean and rivers a few minutes before deep frying them isn’t good enough. To each their own.

I had to sneak one of my Kindy kids eating.

This is what the Taiwanese call an Australian omelet. I will need conformation if this is actually an Australian omelet or not…

You take one tortilla type wrapper, add a over hard egg, finish with a slice of dry white bread, fold and voila. Huh.

On a good note, there were no eyeballs to deal with! YES!

The guava fruit is still a mystery to me. I really like guava juice. I like it in my fruit smoothies. But I just can’t take it solo.

Yes, that was a chicken foot just lumped in with the rest of the chicken meat.

Some of all this is super awesome, I just wish I didn’t have to deal with eyes, brains, tentacles, legs, and antennae along with the good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff, this drink was delicious. Sparkling soda, rice something or the other and raspberry syrup. mmmmmm

These clams were moving all over the plate…

Oh for you restaraunteers!! This was such a snazzy idea! They’re stacked and prepped in groups of 2, 3, 4, and 5. How many in your party? Just grab a stack, bam.

Fresh bread with green onions inside and sesame seeds on the outside! Yum yum yum.

A casual stroll through morning market is going to look something like this…

Lotus root is apparently quite good for colds. Wendy bought some of these and has made me some delicious soup to help me to keep getting better.

I am proud and a little grossed out still, but I ate my first whole deep fried fish yesterday. Brains, eyes, tail and all. In fact, I ate three.

Food food food… I must be eating enough because according to Tim’s grandma, I’m getting a little bit fat.



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2 responses to “Food Food Food…..

  1. Marcella Rousseau

    31/12/2012 at 07:54

    “The clams were moving all over the plate.” That cracked me up! Great photos! Do they strain out the seeds from the Dragon fruit?


    • mariflies

      31/12/2012 at 08:59

      Hi Marcella, nope, dragon eyes and all 🙂 But it’s good!



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