Today’s food

31 Dec

Today we celebrated the birthdays of both William and his oldest sister. We went out to eat at a fancy restaurant.

I bring you this post because I am still amazed and mystified by the sheer amount of food people here in Taiwan consume and yet stay so damn skinny!

Here is William, Wendy, and William’s siblings. The woman sitting at Williams left is his sister. Today is her actual birthday and Williams is next weekend. Double celebration!!

Tim and his grandma. She has changed her story to I look healthier, not fatter but I’m not seeing tremendous difference in the meaning.


And then the food begins… The tables are ready, the tummies are growling

Prep the sauces

And we’re off!!

Begin with salad

Move to sushi, yep the real kind.

For those of you who know me well, you know that this is a GIANT leap for me, but I DID IT. I ate raw fish. I even ate 2 pieces.

Bring on the Pig leg and cabbage stuff (not sauerkraut, was expecting sauerkraut and got slapped in the face with the taste assumption paddle)

4 minutes later the pig leg looked like this. It all gets eaten, a lot gets eaten, and it gets eaten really fast.

You may notice that the portions are small. These are my bowlfuls. I knew if I ate a normal sized bowl of everything, I’d never make it through everything.

Then there was this tasty soup with meatballs and chicken drumettes and veggies.

Next came an entire tub of shrimp. No, I did not venture here. I’ve tried shrimp and I know I don’t like them without all their extraneous parts. I am not able to handle eating something I’m not fond of only after having stripped it of all its organs, legs, and antennae.

However, I did eat the next round which was sticky rice covered in fried mini shrimp.

Next round, chicken soup with carrots the size of my arm. This was my favorite dish. It was flavorful, robust, and had carrots the size of my arm… did I say that already, I meant it.

Then there was this soup, with fish balls, dumplings, mushrooms, and sausage rounds.

Did I mention this was all in ONE meal??

Abalone over beans and cabbage. Actually quite tasty, I really liked this.

And we finished off with these sweet red beans buns.

Wendy kept asking me if I wanted more, that I wasn’t eating enough. I ate some of everything. And that was just lunch. I also ate breakfast and a crapload of cookies….. and there’s still dinner to come. Ai yai yai.

Yesterday I hurt Wendy’s feelings because I was so full (after eating a hard-boiled egg, a sausage and cabbage stuffed bun the diameter of my palm and 4″ tall, and a full sized sausage on a stick, all in 30 minutes), that I didn’t eat much of the dinner they bought (right afterward). So she let it go when I told her I was trying to pace myself.

I eat enough for a week every weekend I stay!

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One response to “Today’s food

  1. Our Life In 3D

    31/12/2012 at 20:15

    Yummy! You are making me hungry…. It looks like a lot of fun. It sounded like our holidays,…eating way too much and consuming cookies sinfully.



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