A New Year Dawns – 80 movies that make me happy and What kind of princess would I be?

07 Jan
A New Year Dawns – 80 movies that make me happy and What kind of princess would I be?
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It’s a new year, 2013. I was able to ring in the New Year with my Taiwanese son, once thought to be lost forever and now is found. That made me happier than I can tell you. I got to eat a tremendous amount of food and see a couple new places. (Yes, I took this picture!)

The happiness was greatly tempered by the fact that I was not able to celebrate it with my natural children, but rather had to make due with a quick Skype call. I also got to have a nice conversation (though cut off too abruptly) with my dad. I miss them all so much.

As this New Year hits me like a ton of bricks, I can’t help but try to cheer myself up. Otherwise I might just end up in the same state as those bricks; down at the bottom.

So, in order to keep myself up I set myself to thinking about how to do it.

The ensuing thought process is the actual way this really went down….

“What things do I like?”

“I don’t know… what do I like?”

“I like movies.”

“Ok, think of movies that you like that make you happy.”

Yes, I actually wrote a list. It’s a thing I do.

The 80 movies I listed (off the top of my head in about 10 minutes) that make me happy when I watch them:

The Sandlot


Mary Poppins

Lord of the Rings and all it’s affiliated movies

That Thing You Do

How to Train Your Dragon

A Knight’s Tale

Freak The Mighty


Groundhogs Day


Pay It Forward

Miss Congeniality

Liar Liar

Weird Science

Stranger Than Fiction

Forrest Gump

The Thin Man

Harold and Maude

The Sound of Music

Bring It On (jazz hands)


Eat Pray Love

Julie and Julia

The Sword in the Stone

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure


Mrs. Doubtfire

To Sir With Love


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

All of the Pirates of the Caribbean


Benny and Joon


The Blindside

Fiddler On the Roof

All of the Indiana Jones


The Absent Minded Professor (the original Flubber)

Transformers (yes all of them too)



All of the Harry Potters

French Kiss

Music and Lyrics

Bottle Shock


City Slickers

Easy A

Les Miserables the Concert at the O2

Pirate Radio

Wild Wild West



The Lion King

Toy Story

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

Back to the Future

The Three Caballeros

The Shaggy Dog (the original)

Zorro (Antonio Banderas, need I say more?)

The Jungle Book


Pete’s Dragon

Swing Kids

Iron Will


Chicken Run


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The Incredibles

Men In Black

Kate and Leopold

The Terminator

The Matrix

Sherlock Holmes

The Star Trek movies all make me happy to watch

Old School

The Terminal

And with that I gave up… my brain was starting to hurt from the strain of trying to think of happy maker movies.

Then, truth be told I got a little depressed that I don’t have some of those movies and so I watched the dumbest movie of all time. The movie my friend Brian said I would get a kick out of because of how bad it is: Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death. He was right; it was terrible. It will not be added to my list.

So, then I just started random thinking…

And I cannot tell you how the process happened, but then somehow I asked myself which Disney princess I felt that I most identify with.

Well, my first thought was

“I ain’t no Cinderella with a prince about to fall in love with my raggedy self”.

I quickly replied, “Mari, quit beating yourself up. You are not raggedy. (Because years of therapy have helped me with my self-talk).

“But there aren’t any available princes’ in Taiwan so ixnay on that one.” (Because I’m also a realist)

Ok, so how about Sleeping Beauty? Nope, that’s Sweetpea’s, not treading there. Definitely not Snow White or The Frog Princess girl. I’m not a Jasmine either; I haven’t been rich waiting for a taste of being average. I don’t have the drive to save any one’s honor, so not Mulan.

I can see a little Pocahontas in me – “what’s around the river bend? Waiting just around the river bend for me?”

But I am not the diving off a cliff girl…..

Maybe there’s some Ariel and that sense of free spirited, naïve adventure seeking.

But probably I identify most with Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

I never quite fit in. I like books and science. I’ll put myself in risk to save another and I’ll stand up to the bullies.

Like all good princesses I like to dance. I would be far more likely to engage in conversation with talking furniture than forest animals.

So I guess, Belle it is.

And now I feel happier.

Night night folks, I’m off to sing with the dishes!


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3 responses to “A New Year Dawns – 80 movies that make me happy and What kind of princess would I be?

  1. jumpingpolarbear

    15/01/2013 at 19:40

    As long as you are not the kind of princess like Cersei from Game of Thrones, it should be all good :).


    • mariflies

      15/01/2013 at 20:33

      haha yeah, definitely not Cersei! Though the extreme power is slightly appealing.


      • jumpingpolarbear

        15/01/2013 at 20:45

        Oh no, you are already corrupted ;).



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