Here come the fireworks!

10 Feb

It’s a little bit crazy but this year I get to have 2 New Years and right now I’m listening to a bunch of fireworks randomly going off outside.

I’m in Taipei with Tim and his family for the 9 days of New Year celebrations 🙂  I am SOOOOO SO So  SO lucky to have them host me!  I get to see so many things when I am with them and get told about the history and culture.  What’s nice is that Tim is also getting a bit of cultural history along the way.

Stuff I’ve learned:

If you’re going to eat one chicken foot, you have to eat two, because if two different people eat a foot each they will have a big fight.  Note taken.  No chicken feet eating for me solidified, done and done.

Acupuncture really is the freaking best thing ever.

Guess who now eats octopus, squid, sashimi, wasabi, and chicken skin?  This girl.  Also, I can de-bone fish with chopsticks like a BOSS!

I miss my kids.  I miss talking to them all the time.  Time difference, schedules and my trying to avoid the depression that follows has made my time talking to them far too short and infrequent.  I need to fix that.

Taiwan has been bringing out so many parts of me I can’t wait to see what this New Year will bring around 🙂

XIN NIAN KUAI LE everybody!!!  Gong Xi Fa Cai!!




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