How will I teach the people of Turkey about turkey come Thanksgiving???

13 Aug

Here I am in another airport, waiting for another long flight to yet another country. My life is turning into everything I’ve always wanted it to be.

This is so exciting!! A new airline, a new set of things to learn about people, new irritations and new things to adore about a new culture. The guy sitting next to me has been repeating what sounds like the same five syllables for the last 10 min. It is both irritating and interesting. I am completely caught in the middle. Nothing he’s done has me decided in either direction. He’s not being loud, but it is repetitive. That makes it kind of meditative, sort of.

There’s a lot more women with their heads covered than not…. But they don’t seem to be giving me any evil eye. I am whole heartedly looking forward to staring down my preconceived ideas and figuring out my own truths. I will share them with you all of course.

I arrived about 4 hours early at the airport since I had nothing else to do between check-out at the hotel and my flight. I’m now an hour and a half into my four hour wait. I am bored and so far more attentive to others than I should be.

I have also eaten a ridiculous amount of junk food since arriving here at the airport with about another thousand calories of junk food still in my purse. The only place to get food from the hotel was a gas station next door. Therefore my second breakfast, lunch, and supper are all gas station junk food items.

My workout regimen will need to resume immediately once I am settled into my new apartment. Hopefully the dinner aboard Turkish Airlines is tasty, filling but not fattening, and won’t kill me.

I guess Turkish Airlines has only been running flights from Houston for a year. I wonder where I would have had to fly out of if I had gone last year. It is interesting to listen to other people’s conversations. One guy is talking to anyone who will listen about everything and none of it sounds credible.

One of the craziest things I noticed when I came back to the states was how weird it was to understand everyone’s conversations around me. I was (am) so used to not understanding anything anyone around me says because it’s in a different language, that is somehow comforting to recognize that I only understand about 1/3 of what is being said around me right now.

There’s a big thunderstorm brewing outside, but there is still an hour and a half of wait time for it to possibly build up, pour out, and move on before my flight…. Fingers crossed. I’m in row G, aisle seat …. 7th row with easy access to my stuff…. Maybe I’ll have an easy time with my transfers?

So far the most irritating thing about traveling alone is that you can’t just leave your luggage and go to the bathroom. You have to load up and lug everything with you. That’s not to say it’s the worst thing, just the most irritating.

Ok, fun new detail, the flight has now been delayed again….. this will be almost 2 hours late, no hope of catching my transfers. This should be fun.


I am safely in Adana with not too much hassle, my luggage was brought to my school today, and all is good. Minus the initial delay that was the initial cause, I have to say that Turkish Airlines was fantastic with how they handled everything and by far my favorite flight to date.

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One response to “How will I teach the people of Turkey about turkey come Thanksgiving???

  1. Valerie

    15/08/2014 at 14:36


    Glad that you are in Adana, safe and sound. Have a great time there.




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