Czech beer, it’s a cure-all.

06 Jun

It’s a good thing I was a PT before and know the difference between the pain of an unused, unwilling, but totally capable muscle and the pain of ‘something’s not right’.

And it’s a good thing that my challenge is about the apps, not my specific fitness routine.  I’m on Day 3 of my app usage.

And it’s a good thing I found a 6 pack of my favorite European bottled beer, the original Pilsner, straight from Plzn, Czech Republic, Pilsner Urquell.

As it turns out 2 months is not quite enough time for my shoulders and wrists to have completely healed from the brutal attack I endured in Mozambique.  HOWEVER, having all my fitness know-how, I can adapt my routine and still keep things going with the apps. AND, with my lovely Urquell, I can feel good after using the apps.

  • Water Your Body (WTB) is definitely keeping me on track and in the bathroom.  I think the little glass of water icon that shows up as my reminder is freaking cute. It is, so far, less of a pta and more of a ‘hey I can add another glass now’ check-in experience.
  • I have not counted any of my Urquell as water. 
  • WTB still a thumbs up at Day 3.


  • S Health has been fun to watch my activity progress throughout the day, except I keep forgetting to check in with the heart rate.  This morning I adjusted where the heart rate button is located, so we’ll see if that helps.  It was down 2 button rows and I had to scroll……..  I forgot because I didn’t see it.  If there was a Pilsner Urquell button to push while taking my heart rate, that would help more *hint.

I am keeping more active, but on day two I found a little cheat. 

I had vacuumed two rooms, moved all the dining chairs and plants etc.  I worked for about 20 min before I realized my phone had just been idly sitting on my table the whole time.  For shame! It was not logging in any of my activity!

What to do?!?    I’m a thinker, (I sing to myself)!  So, I opened a Pilsner Urquell, and whilst swinging my phone back and forth in my left hand for about 10 min, I drank the beer I was holding in my right hand.  That seemed about right. 

I could’ve swung for the whole 20 minutes, because I think the calorie burn of swinging my arm negated the calorie intake of the beer…..  but I decided to err on the side of health.

  • I like that there are no reminders etc.  I just open the app and it tells me where I stand for my activity percentage. 
  • Day 3, I ran for about 22 min this morning with a 5 min walk before and an 8 min walk after.  The S Health meter said I walked for 21 min and ran for 7.  Based only on accuracy, I would give this a thumbs down.  Factor in the ease, the HR monitor, etc.  I’m still on the fence.


  • 7 Minute Workout (7MW) is having to be adapted.  Night 1 – I got to the third exercise – push ups.  The first one hurt. It hurt bad.  But, being the “don’t let it stop me” kind of person that I am, I tried to convince myself to go through with the ‘No pain, no gain’ theorem.  I thought ok, work through this, go slow.  It’s a time count not a how-many count.  As I tried to lower myself for the second push-up, I could hear the crunching and grinding in my wrists as the pain shot hot and loud, down to my fingers and up to my elbows where it met with the stabbing pain from my shoulders.  I completely collapsed it hurt so bad. 

Little rant – I am so very, absolutely, completely frustrated that my own country is the only country I can’t afford to go see the doctor and figure out what damage that peon caused.  I know that having my wrists mercilessly hammered against coral, limestone, and concrete walls, as well as twisted and bent backwards wasn’t good, all by myself.  But I would like to get an idea of exactly what damage happened so I can better heal it.

I stopped exercising for the night.  There was too much emotional trauma to deal with to keep going.  I iced my wrists and heat-padded my shoulders and drank an Urquell.

Then I worked through the emotional part using some of my new tools.  I have learned how to hold space and use my energetic shield of protection to collect any negativity coming from me and send it all to Mother Earth to recycle and purify.  I cried and spewed hateful, angry curses for the damage that is stopping me from performing a basic exercise that I love. I was able to release the renewed pain within a safe space.  I can release the negativity without sending it out past my shield.  It takes work to move past this kind of trauma.  I am grateful for the new ways I am learning to work through it. 

  • Last night, Day 2, I used the app again, thanks to it’s very nice reminder.  For each exercise that required me to put my body weight on either my shoulders or wrists, I modified the movement, used weights instead, and managed to do the whole thing.
  • I like the “halfway” notice, A LOT.  I like the sound effects for starting and finishing an exercise time.  I also like how the soft beeps for the last 5 seconds, in descending pitch, let you count down.  I give this one a thumbs up as well.


  • I am forgoing the Push-Ups app.  The three NorthPark.Android apps are all the same basic format.  The Push-Ups app should work generally as the other two, if you’re actually following this for app reviews.  If you’re following this for my routine, enjoy a cold beer every time you see Push-Ups app from here forward.  That’s what I’ll be doing.
  • The Squats app and the Sit-Ups app are enjoyable, easy to use, and getting me happily sore.  Apparently I will be able to do 200 consecutive reps of each by the end of their program.  I shall certainly try little app.
  • There is a Record, a Practice, and a Training button on the Home screen for each app.  There is a little illustrated demo of where to hold the phone as you do each exercise.  Not once have I had to scratch  my head and wonder what to do.  Good job app guys.

The sit-ups were difficult and I will have to stick to high crunches for the time being.  My hip and lower-back got thrown out of alignment from being thrown on my side so many times during the attack.  I am planning to see a chiropractor after my next paycheck comes in.  This pain is more from misalignment than damage.  As I would go through the final motions of a full sit-up, I would feel pulling/ straining pains in places I shouldn’t, but it’s not the same kind of pain as from my wrists and shoulders.

  • The 4 sets, with various reps, are counted down visually and audibly.  There’s even a little cheer at the end when you finish.  Smile
  • It records everything fine so far, even though that was the most common complaint I read before deciding on these apps first.  At the top of the Home page there is also a Daily Best Record, a Total record, and a Daily Average record.  I like that.  I give these a thumbs up so far!

I might use the Push Up app just to record my Urquell Ups!  Mmmmm beer.

I started to let myself see the physical issues as a set back.  But screw that!  Even if they got wrecked enough I can’t ever do push-ups or full sit-ups again, there are other ways to exercise! 

I care about my body enough to work with it, not against it or to let it go in self-pity. 


What have you done when it felt like something out of your control was keeping you from moving forward with your healing??

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