Walking Tall

14 Jun

A light is forming in the center of my visual field.  It looks a little like an open eye in front of me, if the colors were all inverted. Deep in the center a brighter light is forming shapes and separating into light and dark spaces. 

I am looking into and through the eye of a condor.  One that has been with me before.  I see his eye, as large as my face, become smaller as he pulls away.

Now in the light and dark shadow shapes I see him flying away, but making sure I follow.

As the light and dark take new form, I see in front of me a exceptionally tall, thin man.  His back is to me, his right arm extended to the right.  I look to what he is touching. 

An elephant.  The light is opening more and colors are blending in.  There are several elephants on his right.  He turns his head to his left, I look also.  There is a giraffe.  The man is so tall that his head is the height of the giraffe’s shoulders, the elephants head.  They are walking together.

His touch on the animals is so familiar.  They are his family.  The man turns his head and looks at me, and I see.  I see everything around me now.  Behind him, I am riding on the back of a lioness.  Behind me a bit to the side is a small monkey.  Above me the giant condor flies. 

I can feel the love of this lioness and her pride.  Each of the animals are sending me pride energy from their hearts.  It reaches my heart center and is almost too much.  But I feel it slowly fill me, make me stronger. 

It fills my cells and they enlarge.  I didn’t realize I was so shrunken.  I feel something new.  I don’t understand what it is.  There is almost an electric vibration within me but it is not unnatural.  It is stable, consistent, and lovely.

I ask a question in my mind.  Not aloud, but somehow it is known.


Then I am at a small water formation; a pool or small lake.  I am young.  But I am not the young of my childhood, but the young of myself with this new energy, had I had this energy when I was young.

I am wearing a soft, lemon yellow dress with short sleeves, ribbon waist tie, and a full skirted, knee-length hem.  Somehow the colors of the clay and dirt around me do not get my dress dirty.  Nor does the trunk of the baby elephant who is playing with me.

I hold her trunk and we touch our foreheads together.  She curls her trunk around me and swings me a little.  It is the play of friends that have been since birth.  It is love.


And finally as the light begins to reshape with the darkness, grow smaller again, I feel words being spoken.

I am listening.


“Walk tall.  Walk proud. 

Not to ward off evil.

But because you are a daughter of the Almighty, a Mother of spirits, a sister of the sun, cousin to the stars.

Walk in dignity,

giving your light,

Remember that the sun is still shining at night.

Wei ho ein cha lo wei ma

Cry many tears

to wash clean.

Do not let the wound close dry.

Sing many songs of happiness.

Fill your heart with joy.

Oppose hate.

Do not challenge it

for with a challenge you must embrace;

To challenge hate, you must hate.

Oppose the darkness with your light

Sun Sister

God Daughter

Spirit Mother

Walk tall.

Walk Proud.”


I am waking.  And I know.


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One response to “Walking Tall

  1. Our Life In 3D

    15/06/2015 at 06:08

    I love it! And you are!



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