24 May

I try to surround myself with an eclectic mix of people.  I like all sorts of personality types. I get along with most everybody.
I also try to find people who have strengths where I have weaknesses, and people who are weak where I have strengths, because we are all constantly learning. I want to learn from those who have strengths where I lack. And I hope I can help build up others in my areas of strength.
But I have come to the poignant realization that there are people who only want to bring me down; who won’t share their strengths; whose insecurities chip away at us both.
I have a tendency to give far too many chances. Maybe that’s a weakness of mine. I have felt it was a strength. I believe that no one is perfect and we all need chances.  I’m not one to hold a grudge, and I try to see everyone’s viewpoint.
I make the best of whatever situation I’m in and often I give up some of myself in order to keep things going smoothly.  Another instance in where I think it’s a strength, but maybe I’ve been looking at it wrong and it’s really a weakness.  At the very least, it’s something people take advantage of. I don’t know…

 I hope that being accommodating of all kinds of people, letting others be human without expecting them to be my form of perfect, is the right thing. Because it’s how I see the world.
I am learning however, to see things differently, seeing that I don’t want to include the people who don’t share that desire to learn from each other, and build each other up. 

Have weaknesses, ok; choose to tear others down, or treat them like something to use, be only as nice or giving as far as you can get more out than you give, not ok.  Use my weaknesses against me, not ok. Tell anyone who will listen whatever makes you look good, no matter it’s level of truth or who it hurts, also not ok.  Try to twist and turn truth to suit what you want others to believe, not ok.
I always find it interesting how people will tell me not to let others take advantage of me, but then get upset if I don’t let them….
I am strong. I have been through, seen, and learned from more than most will ever read about.  And I see things with a deeper clarity because of what I’ve been through. But I’m also human, with feelings and a need to be treated well.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m also grateful that there are far more good, encouraging, helpful people to surround myself with than not. I’m grateful for my ‘soul tribe’ to borrow a phrase from a friend.  The people who don’t expect reward, payment, or ‘loyalty’ for their support and friendship.
I’m grateful for the circumstances that help me see who I can count on and who I can’t and under which circumstances.  And grateful that I get feedback from my tribe that says they know they can count on me for whatever I am capable of, just because.  That means a great deal to me, because I do try to be there for others with all I can.

Last night I was blessed to hear from one of the lovely ladies who keeps me grounded, listens and shares, and helps to build up those she surrounds herself with.  She is a wonderful reminder that even when things seem out of control, you can still find the positive, and be a positive influence to those around you.

Here’s to surrounding yourself with positivity, building up your tribe, and being good people to each other.

I’m learning to be more discerning, but also learning how much better the reward of friendship can be when it’s built on mutual choice to enrich each others lives.

Gratitude, love, light, and peace to you all!

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