Bella Roma! The Flavium Amphitheater aka. The Colosseum

07 Apr

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Bella Roma for sure! From the moment we (accidentally) saw it in front of us, I was mesmerized. I jumped up and down like a little kid getting a four scoop ice cream cone! So amazing.

We opted for the 3.5 hour tour by Colosseum and Vatican Tours and I’m so glad we did!! The Vatican was closed on Easter Monday and the lines to the Amphitheater was extensive. Not only did we get to skip right past all the lines, we had an amazing tour guide. I hope all the tour guides are as knowledgeable and friendly as she was. We learned so much about the history of the Amphitheater I was in overload.

Each section was carved at the quarry to exact measurements, with holes in specific places on the inside. A bronze rod was placed in the hole of the bottom piece and the top piece fitted over it. Then the remainder of the hole was filled with molten bronze. Every section, every stone; and that is how it remained intact for centuries. It was not until the Middle Ages, when Christians began tearing down all the “Pagan” buildings and removing all the bronze, that it was damaged by an earthquake.

It was amazing to be inside. Oh! And we learned that the Hollywood version of fight to death isn’t actually accurate! Hardly any shows were death fights because the gladiators were too expensive to kill. Mind blown.

Ok, here’s post 1, stay tuned for more 🙂

Peace and love.

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