What am I listening to? …facepalmsigh

25 Jul

Ok, I have some more beach posts, summer posts, etc I need to get up.  I will.

I was turned on to a possible opportunity for the school year after this coming school year.   Planning a bit ahead is never a bad idea.

*Quick side note:  This coming school year I get to teach drama!  😀  Yeah!  I really enjoy venturing into barely known waters and seeing how things turn out 🙂  Who knew how much I’d end up enjoying being a TV news anchor, until after I’d done it?  I am very lucky that so many varied opportunities have come my way over my life.  I have a pretty long list of things I can do because of them.  So, I begin a new adventure as a drama teacher.  (Thank you to all of my theater, tv, and movie friends for your experience to draw from!!!!)*

The one drawback for this possible opportunity is that I have to have at LEAST a rudimentary ability to communicate in French.  Yup.  Me the can’t seem to figure out how everyone around me knows 17 languages, mono-linguistic teacher, really needs to get on this French thing if I even stand a chance.  I have a year.

Those of you poor souls who have been following my journey from the beginning, know that naive me thought I could learn Spanish, (insert overdramatic theatrical voice) yes, become fluent in Spanish, in a year.  Rosetta Stone,  some other expensive language tutorial, Spanish 101 at university, and Mama, who would try, but I am S….L…..O…..W at learning language.  Something is tweaked weird in my Wernicke’s area. I’ve got quite a few Spanish words I know, it’s the putting them together in a sentence I can’t do……

BUT failure is an opportunity to learn.  SO, what can I learn from that. 1) keep going, don’t give up.  I think I lasted 2 months outside of my university class, in which I did quite poorly.  2) It ok to take my own advice and just mess up all over the place but keep trying.  3) Find a 1-1 teacher this time.


I used my free credit with Audible to get the Pimsleur French 1 audio book.  I have been listening to it at night as I sleep, hoping beyond hope that it will help the language sink in.  Fast forward 2 weeks of doing that every night (and 1 week of not listening at all because I was at the Freaking Beach Man, it’s SUMMER).

So now I am back to listening to it at night, but this week I have begun to take 30 minutes and listen to it while awake.

What am I listening to???   The Hell????  This is seriously “How to pick up a French woman 101”.

Chapter 1 starts out ok, it is an English speaking American man meeting a young French girl.  We get to learn how to say “Excuse me” “Do you understand” “I understand” “I don’t understand” “English” “French”  “Mister” and Mademoiselle”.

Sure, ok.   That’s not terrible.  A little sexist, but whatever.

Chapter 2.  P: “You are sitting next to a French woman who you want to start a conversation with.  Try to get her attention.”

Here you are supposed to say “Pardon mademoiselle”.

P: “She does not respond.  Ask her if she understands”

Now you get to ask “Do you understand?” *in French but I can’t spell it*

P: “She still does not respond.  Ask her if she understands French”.

You ask the question you just learned.

P: “No response again.  Try asking her if she understands English.”

*If she does not understand French, and understands English, why would I ask her if she understands English IN FRENCH??*

You ask the question.

P: “She responds”.

The lady’s voice comes on saying she does not understand English, in French.

*Call me crazy, but if she didn’t respond to your first 3 attempts – she is probably ignoring you.  If she responds in French that she doesn’t understand English, she heard you the first 3 times.  She is definitely ignoring you.  

P: Now say, Ahhhh you understand French”.   Why not?  You are acknowledging she was ignoring you and basically making it impossible for her to ignore you further without being explicitly rude. Seems legit.

You do.  She responds saying “Oui, monsieur”

If I can just add in that there is even a bit of inflection happening that is just….   well it made me write this post.  I will keep going.  I will keep listening.  I will try to give this attempt the full year of trying.  At least I will know how to pick up a French chick should I choose to.





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