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We’re talking about social issues in class

It’s been an interesting week in class this week.  My students have the assignment of creating a Public Service Announcement video.  We’ve been talking about social issues.

Kids are amazing.  They have so much insight sometimes.  If I throw a little fuel on the fire, “what about this?  what about that?  did you think of this part?”  BOOM, they can come up with some incredible connections.

This is my favorite part of being a teacher,  helping them discover that they can change the world.

Sometimes, it is so difficult to help them see that they can better understand the world, see the world, change the world, if they would disconnect from it for a bit; use their own minds, instead of searching for what everyone else has written, looking at what everyone else posted, needing to have everyone else reach them.

But when you can manage it, the brilliance begins to shine in them.


Peace and Love my friends!

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