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Do not let the wound close dry

To sing many songs of happiness

Fill your heart with joy

oppose hate

do not challenge it

to challenge hate, you must hate

give it no energy

walk in the other direction

Oppose the darkness with your light

sun daughter



walk tall; walk proud

not to ‘ward off evil’

but because you are a daughter of the Almighty

a mother of spirits

a sister of the sun, cousin to the stars

walk in dignity giving your light

remember that the sun is still shining at night

wei ho ein cha lo wei ma

cry many tears to wash clean

do not let the wound close dry


to sing many songs of happiness



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Long time no see


So I got caught in the ‘I’m going to do this thing’ trap of not doing the thing and then being too worried about what to say to get back on here.  And for lack of a better reason, it’s a new year, so here I am again.

Oddly, in looking up information about John Dewey for my Master’s course, (yup I’m working towards my Masters! )  I ran across a scary website that is all kinds of  hate wrapped up in a university for statecraft with a little bow of nationalism.  I nosed around because at first I couldn’t quite tell, but I’ll be danged if there isn’t a whole university offering Master’s degrees in coercion as a peace method.  Really.  And they really, really don’t like John Dewey there.

I was so disturbed it got me past my need to avoid this space and write something. So I did.   Now back to writing my paper.

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