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What Makes You Beautiful Season 2 Episode 2 Kate

Here’s my second person for the 2020 round of What Makes You Beautiful, my amazing friend Kate Watson.


Check out YourNexStage the amazing  organization she founded for women veteran’s.

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This is why I stand against Police Brutality

This is why I stand against Police Brutality
It’s going to take me some time to fully form how to respond to the issue of police brutality and still maintain enough presence to get through my day to day job in this crazy time.
But, just in case you don’t know or don’t remember, my brother was killed by the police. He was shot trying to show all he had was a phone. He was shot in the belly, in the arm, and not given any life saving or even respectful treatment as he died. They didn’t call an ambulance until after he was dead. They killed him.
He died because the police are trained to kill, because his looks take after our native heritage, because cops know they can get away with murder. So I will keep standing up against police brutality, against abuses of power, standing up for the absolute need for police to be retrained and for other services to take the calls force is not needed for.
People of color are also brave men and women, who walk around every day in their uniform of color, branded by society as threatening, by their mere existence. As a person of color, simple traffic stops are life threatening, sleeping in your own bed is life threatening, being a child and playing is life threatening. Because people can still hold their head up and say that police are brave but African Americans aren’t, because people can say I’ll call the cops and tell them you’re threatening my life when clearly they aren’t.
While people can still say I wasn’t born rich so that means I don’t have privilege, those of us who can see truth need to keep standing up. I will stand up for my brother. I will stand up for my son. I will keep standing up and being a voice. Police brutality must stop. All lives can’t matter until Black Lives Matter.

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This is where 48 days of quarantine finds me.

In order to counteract the news,  this is the level of not news I am currently at.

Sesame Street characters doing impressions of Sesame Street characters.


My review:

Elmo is slaying, Abbey has a skill set,  The Count is trying,  Cookie Monster has no game.


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What Makes You Beautiful Season 2 Episode 1

What Makes You Beautiful Season 2 Episode 1

I thought is would be funny to start counting my ‘I stopped doing this but now I want to do it again’ as seasons and episodes.  So, 4 years later, here is Season 2 of What Makes You Beautiful and I get to introduce my lovely friend Lexi.

What Makes You Beautiful – Lexi

You can also learn more about her at

Alexandra Lewis🇦🇺 –> 🇦🇱
🎬 Host of @alien_rtvora
📺 News presenter on @rtvora
🍽 Food blogger



One Month of Quarantine

One Month of Quarantine

A video on my one-month-a-versary


A friend asked me to make a video about a day in the life which I will do next week sometime.  I think a day in the life on the weekend won’t be nearly as much fun because I won’t have any classes to teach.  Just prep work, long arduous, sitting in front of a computer all day.  So, I’ll wait until there’s something to break up the monotony.  But until then, enjoy the ramblings of the video I made this evening.  Sorry about the squeaking….  I have no idea what it’s about or how to get rid of it.


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