Curriculum Vitae/ Resume

Summer 2013

Mari Hawes   

Permanent Address:  218 S. 35th St., Billings, MT, US 59101

Skype:  mariflies
Mari Hawes on TIEonline
McKahsum Mari on Facebook
Nationality: American

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“Simply superb… [Mari] really ‘gets’ how much forethought goes into quality teaching.”

Dr. Jonathan Brinkerhoff
Department of Teacher Education, Associate Professor of Educational Technology
University of New Mexico

“Mari worked very diligently and enthusiastically… she often went beyond the required scope of the assignment…expand[ing] it in a way that gave the project far more depth than I had originally designed… [She] will be an excellent teacher.”

Mel Strong, PhD
Natural Sciences Instructor, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
University of New Mexico

“Several students in the course stood out from the rest, Mari was definitely one of those… I have every reason to believe that Mari will be a committed, resourceful, caring and capable teacher… Mari Hawes is a committed and risk-taking and passionate English language educator.”

Lois M. Meyer, PhD.
Coordinator, Educational Linguistics Ph.D. Program and  Associate Professor of Language, Literacy & Sociocultural Studies
University of New Mexico

[Mari] is an admirable parent- involved, caring, and nurturing…[going] beyond her own children… nurturing the other children in the school as well. She is there helping in all segments of the school. She is someone that can be called on at a moment’s notice to help where needed.

Valerie Scott
Public Academy for Performing Arts 

“Mari possesses the ability to interact with children at their level without talking down to them.  Her caring and loving attitude shows through as you watch her teach.  A parent should feel honored to have his/her child in her classroom.” 

Jean Dominguez, MBA
Accounting Instructor
Central New Mexico Community College

“I have witnessed [Mari’s] tremendous growth and dedication to teaching. Her development as a teacher is matched with the concern and caring she shows for her students.  She …is extremely prepared, and recognizes the importance of strong work ethics. I take pride in writing this letter of reference for her”.

Patsy Cordova
Social Injustice Advocate and Language Arts Master Teacher
Washington MS

“Mari was well organized and displayed the ability to plan interesting and enjoyable lessons throughout the course.  In addition, she was able to develop materials and teaching aids that were suitable for a variety of levels and teaching contexts”.

Kenneth Arnold
DELTA, BA Education
Teacher Education – TEFL Worldwide Prague

Beyond her perfect attendance, despite a very active schedule, Mari consistently went out of her way to meet with me during office hours.  Mari was the one student of mine who knew precisely what she wanted out of her studies and was very successful. [She] is a natural leader in every class as she is blessed with a natural comfort and grace in front of any classroom…Mari is a rare and extremely talented individual completely full of positive energy and life”.

Kent Blansett
Assistant Professor History and American Indian Studies
University of Minnesota, Morris

Mari’s students consistently achieved some of the highest marks.  She worked well with her Chinese co-teacher and had excellent classroom management. She helped her students greatly improve their English communication skills, as well as English for academics.  Her students learned some sign language and phonics decoding skills for better reading.  Many of Mari’s students and parents still keep in contact with her because she knows how to bond with her students.  I believe they did so well in class because they loved her as a teacher.

Hui-Ni (Winny) Liu
Academy Principal
Korrnell Academy
Zhubei, Taiwan, ROC

She has great patience with students in grade 1,2,3,4. Students all like her.  She uses different methods to help students. Ms. Hawes’ greatest strengths as a teacher are patience and advance teaching knowledge. She combines speaking, hands-on activities, videos, songs, and reading techniques to help students learn.  She never talks down to the students and they see her as fair.  She is punctual, fulfills her duties to her best ability, and has a positive attitude.

Kelly Kan
English Program Director
Beimen Elementary School, Hsinchu Public Schools
Hsinchu, Taiwan, ROC


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