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Merry Christmas mush to munch

Merry Christmas mush to munch

After days of making cookies, perogies, and planning for what to cook for dinner, Robin and I pulled off a remarkably delicious Christmas dinner!

Beef tenderloin, yummy yummy perogies, awesome side dishes, apple pie, and sugar cookies!  Learned how and why to peel and orange.   The peel gets hung to dry and used during bbq’ing meat.   Cool.

Got to talk to all my family back in the states, and got some defining news to start into the New Year.


See you in the next year!   Come on 2015!





Merry Christmas and Happy NEW YEAR everyone!!


It’s 8 days until Christmas

It’s 8 days until Christmas

I’m not necessarily religious anymore as you know.  But Christmas for me is about the tradition of decorating, lighting, candles, gathering people, gift giving, baking, cooking, laughing, and being with my children.

This will be the 3rd Christmas away from them.

I miss those moments with them.

Cori and I would have already started on our annual bake-a-palooza.  The boys and I would be soon starting our gingerbread houses.  No one would be allowed to look any where for any thing without first making the general announcement question if such place was OK to look in.

Someone would usually say no and have to go hunt for the needed item themselves.

The Harry Potter marathons, the traditional movies on TV, the stupid silly song-fests as we sing and dance around and cook.

The typical family nonsense.

Taking gifts to friends, wishing everyone happiness.

I miss those moments.

And, snuggling with them.  Yep even as grown up kidittos, they always snuggle with me.  And I love it.  It’s my favorite.

Hot chocolate or cider a big blanket, a book, and my favorite people all puppy piled in.

I hope that never changes, but I suppose it might.

Tonight, I am missing my babies.

My first Christmas away this is what my Sweetpea wrote me:


“This is the first year I haven’t been with you for the holidays. The first year we didn’t bake holiday treats for a week straight. The first year we didn’t go into a sugar coma from baking those treats. The first year we didn’t set up the tree together. The first year we didn’t get into a fight about how long we can leave the Christmas decorations up before it gets tacky. The first year we didn’t tunelessly sing Christmas carols to annoy the boys until they finally joined in. The first year that we didn’t get obnoxious Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. The first year we haven’t unsuccessfully attempted to take decent Christmas pictures. This first year I haven’t been with my mom for Christmas. I’m proud of you for everything you are doing, but around this time I just kinda wish you here for the holidays. Christmas kinda isn’t the same with you half way around the world. I love you mommy, Merry Christmas”

I read this all the time, not just at Christmas.

Over my birthday my Boo wrote this:

“well, just don’t internalize it mama your an amazing person. You don’t need a man in your life ‘ Find yourself a good woman, they’ll love you more haha  ‘ it is hard but your such a strong person, we all know it. I owe so much of my strength to seeing you mom and I love you so much for it. I know you’ll get through this. You’ve gone through worse”

And my Monkeysan, well, he just makes me happy with this one:

“well i don’t care what day it is i just wanna hang out with my mamma”

They were so little not so long ago!  And freakishly cute fyi

They were so little not so long ago! And freakishly cute fyi



 Best Christmas Present Gift faces EVER!!   Unplanned and in the moment awesomeNESS

Best Christmas Present Gift faces EVER!! Unplanned and in the moment awesomeNESS











Aboard our only (so far) family cruise in May of ’12










I make good humans, I can’t lie…










Sweetpea made us Christmas Baking Headbands! Oh I love this girl.













At David’s graduation this summer….. They’re turning into good, good people.


 They keep me strong even when we’re apart.  So this week, in tribute to my amazing children, who are becoming amazing adults, I am going to put on stupid Christmas songs, sing and dance around my apartment, make a few goodies, and spread some general cheer to a few people.  Whether they like it or not.

I can handle one week of this without going too nuts  🙂

Peace and happiness everyone


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-It’s never dull around here-

I’m not really sure why my Word won’t upload my blogs any more.  I have to write tonight’s directly on the site.   I got on here to check in and saw that last night’s post didn’t publish.

So I tried it again, and it just keeps saying it’s unable to.  Thank goodness for good ‘ol C&P!    I copied and pasted that sucker right in and now I can write tonight’s.

One thing my life never is – dull.

I am going to have to rescind my prior post about not being complicated.   I will have to say yes….   I guess I am.  Dang it.   Who likes admitting stuff like that?

Probably the uncomplicated people.


In the middle of a test, one of my poor little students just up and vomited all over the place.   Yup thoroughly undigested food bits and nastiness all over his desk, his papers, the desk next to him, all the stuff on the floor around him.

All the kids are jumping out of their chairs, three ran to the bathroom to go hurl themselves, from the sight and sound of this poor little guy.

Meanwhile he keeps on going.  A good solid two minutes of one regurgitation after another.

One kid runs to get the homeroom teacher.  She calls for the janitor, I’m trying to keep the other kids from walking in it, and all out of the classroom, while trying to comfort this poor kid.

I’ve got a couple students getting baby wipes and paper towels.  And the best part is the girl behind him, who he just yakked all over, is still in her desk laughing so hard I thought she’d gone mental.

Somehow she just thought the whole affair was the funniest thing she’d ever seen.  She had me starting to laugh.

Now, looking back at it, it was pretty damn funny; the whole scenario as  played out.

I’m trying to decide if I can do part of my workout tonight with my toe still throbbing and now my foot swollen, but, I think no.  I’m gonna give it a couple more days.

I made a banana cake Monday night and I managed to eat 3/4 of it already.  Thank the stars Wendi ate some or I would be saying I ate the whole thing by now.

But man oh man was it good with a little of my  homemade peanut/ sesame butter on it!    I couldn’t stop myself.



So glad it’s gone now!

I still have about 5 hours of work to do and one hour to do it in, so bye for now folks!



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Measuring cups

Measuring cups

Who knew that measuring cups were going to be so difficult to find?   People still cook don’t they?  In Taiwan and now in Turkey there are no measuring cups to be found…..

I have searched high and low.

I would kill someone for some measuring cups. 

I can’t find any here…… no body apparently makes things that require measuring 

ok, I wouldn’t actually kill anyone 

for that

I just want to make a cake without guesstimating

That’s all I want


I want a little more than that……

Like………  sleep, perfectly behaved students that are eager willing sponges, a massaging chair that reclines and rolls away the stresses of the day, a hot tub, to not have my fingernails get caught on everything, a magic quiet button, endless supplies of stickers,

But seriously….  Measuring cups are SO useful!

Besides their obvious use in measuring flour, sugar, butter, etc,  You can use them as……

Pencil holders, decorations, drinking cups even… planters, fake Chinese cupping cups, gravy containers…

And apparently my wish for measuring cups is about as grantable as the magic quiet button here.

So, I will bake, oh will I bake!  But I make no guarantees on how it will turn out.

Eat at your own risk around here people.





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