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A little bit of Turkey

A little bit of Turkey

I have been able to get around on 3 different modes of public transportation plus the ever useful taxi. I have my new awesome PT card and a few routes down now. I miss my scooter more than I can articulate here, but I’m looking in to it already. I like getting myself around.

But here are a few photos of the places I have gotten to this last 10 days.

Apparently everyone, children included eat lunch on these nice table cloths, family style, at my new school. Glad I don’t have to do the laundry.

Just happened to get off the metro as the sun was going behind the mosque! Lucky beautiful shot.

My first Pretty Woman shopping spree, got 4 new outfits and 3 pairs of shoes!

A Catholic church we were taken to as part of a small tour of the city.

And then a trip to the mosque!

Wasn’t quite sure if I had it on correctly, but they let me in, so I must have. No shoes, head covered, long skirt, check. TOTALLY worth it. Stunning inside.

Amazing architecture

A staircase up to one of the towers

Friends make everything better

A few stickers from the stationary shop for helping to teach emotions….. I thought they were pretty cute.

One more week before students begin school.

I miss a lot of people, but mostly my family Sven, Mike, Cori, David, Jean, and Sheri. I love my friends, even though I may not call or write nearly as much as I should, you are in my thoughts daily. Sincerely you are.

I found a good German app so I’m studying that in the evenings and trying to pick up a little Turkish as I go throughout my days…..  Off to another day in Turkey!!



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What?!?! How did I get this lucky?

What?!?!  How did I get this lucky?

I just sent Sven back to Germany, some could say it is a sad moment, but amazingly it is not. I am not sad, though I miss him already. How can I be sad when I am this lucky??!!

Two and a half years ago, I was graduating with my teaching degree, preparing to go to The Czech Republic, and ready to begin teaching abroad. I had just ended a relationship with no plans to have a new one. I was heading out on my own, happily.

During my time in CZ and in Taiwan, I was not without male suitors, don’t get me wrong. But I had no need to make any of them permanent, in fact no real desire to. I’m not the one night stand gal, but you know, being with someone more than once doesn’t mean I needed a relationship. In fact I was quite happy without one.

And then somehow, this guy changed everything. All my flying solo, make my own plans, don’t worry about where I’m going next, do my own thing outlook got turned upside down. Completely out of the blue, with someone I never expected it to happen with.


How did I get this lucky?

I’m still a little turned around at it. But here it is

I’m engaged – I’m going to marry this amazing German man.

We have so much in common and still so many things to share with each other.

Sharing two weeks in Jamaica was beyond amazing!! We laughed, played, swam, kayaked, hiked, drank, went sight-seeing, and learned about how we work together through new situations, having nothing to do, and having too much going on.

We make a pretty damn good team. Now for some Jamaica photos!

I’m pretty much in love right now and am so excited for our families to get to know each other. I am blessed. Hope you all feel that you are too!!!!!!

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