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Week 3, Day 3

It was inconceivable for me to have foreseen how this was all going to go down.  I had envisioned going to class during the day and sightseeing at night.  The only sight seeing I’ve done was the first few days before class started.  There’s no more time.  When they say intense and challenging, they are not joking around.  This week I had to turn in lesson plans, start writing up my One-to-One paper, I’m still looking for a job, and still fighting off the migraine that put me down last week.

Suggestion number 1 for anyone looking to take this course:  Arrive about 5 days before the class starts.  Go get the sight seeing done beforehand so that The City is not calling out to you with all of its unseen beauty.

Prague is amazingly beautiful.  Even the poorer parts have amazing architecture, rolling green hills, and flowers everywhere.  If I hadn’t had those few days before all this began, I’d be even more distracted than I am right now.  Go see Prague first, get in there and be part of it.

Walk, see, eat, do, live Prague before beginning the process of learning grammar, writing lesson plans, and trying to find a job/ place to live/ work out resume details, etc.


Family stuff is tricky.  Throw it into the mix of being in a new country by myself, not knowing the language, not having a phone for communicating basic needs, no clothes dryer or shower, not sleeping, not having a job yet, having to learn what I’m about to teach as I learn how to teach it at the same time, and you have a mixture for hopeless distractability.  I am the epitome of distractable; and, consequently, a complete nuisance in class.

I am seriously making this much harder on myself than it really is.

Yes, me, super student, is sitting with the class goofs at the back table and pulling my fair share of ridiculousness.  I’m honestly astounded at what a frustrating student I must be right now to my instructors.  I’m not sure I’d like to have me in class.  I’m so overwhelmed that I can’t contain the inner goofball.  I will certainly have a better perspective for future dingbat students and their antics.   It is a release from the amazing amount of knowledge that I have to learn right now coupled with the many outside influences I am dealing with.

Now, you might ask, is the school really that hard??

I would have to answer that it’s a split decision.   It’s a tough course, but it is made more difficult by the fact that as native English speakers we are not taught the grammar of our language.  If I did have a better working knowledge of English grammar (not writing skills, actual grammar) this would not be nearly as difficult as I am finding it.

WAAIT A MINUTE – YOU are a Language Arts teacher, an ENGLISH teacher.  Of course you taught grammar.

What we teach as English Grammar is NOT all that we should be.  Truly, how many of you out there, who are not TEFL teachers, know what Past Perfect Continuous even means?  The trick is though, that if we did, learning another language wouldn’t be so difficult.  Teaching writing wouldn’t be so difficult.

Tip 2 for anyone wanting to take this course?  Study up on actual grammar.  Where you put a comma will not even be discussed.  It is a real course, it is not light, but it will be made much easier if you already know the grammar you will be learning how to teach.

I’m off to bed folks.


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Sitting at work today

Here I sit, waiting for another day to start at the workplace.   Though I totally love the fact that I am meeting people from all over the world; this $7.50 an hour thing is killing me.  Luckily it’s close enough to walk to, that helps.   I brought about 11 doors to paint between greeting customers, keeping the store neat, and sales.   I guess it’s a pretty relaxed job, another up point.

Thank goodness Prague is on the way!  I love having something so wonderful to look forward to.  I’m still trying to keep up with English grammar vocabulary, learning Spanish and remembering everything I was taught about teaching.  Have to be prepared.   I’ve been putting in an hour a day towards Belly Dancing in prep for the new classes..  I’m also adding in trying to learn as much Czech as I can cram in.  I’m not sure I know how to just relax.

I’ve been allowing “my understanding of God” to guide me through this summer, letting Prague be the most short term goal.  The little card on my desk reminds me every day I have to go one step at a time.   Just keeping faith that it will happen the way it is supposed to.

So, it’s now afternoon.  It’s about 10 degrees cooler than a million and the swamp cooler is barely working.  Is that bringing me down, NO because I painted and put out 8 more doors after selling 4 on Wednesday and 1 so far today.   There’s been some really great music on the plaza all day as New Mexico  is celebrating the 100th year of being a US state (47th to be exact).   And though it hasn’t been a lucrative day, it has been a high traffic day and again, I’ve met people from across the globe.  It’s so exciting!  I just love talking to people about their country.

Review, revise, review, revise….  My Kickstarter project is still underway but it’s in another revision stage before launching.  I want to make sure I have planned everything I can think of before launching.  This project is so important to me.  So important.  I want to make sure that this first leg of the run is begun on the right foot.  Stay tuned, it will happen.

Is there a project you are passionate about?  I’d really like to “meet” other people with big dreams.


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