The Bucket List

We all have one.  I’ve had a bucket list for several years now, ever since I discovered The Buried Life the same year I watched the movie, The Bucket List

with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

I’ve written several versions and as I find them I will combine them here.  It’s the complete list that I want to complete after all.

The List

  1. Get my teaching degree 2012
  2.  Teach in 8 countries.    (US, Czech, Taiwan, Turkey, Mozambique, Albania, Indonesia)
  3. Go to Prague 2012
  4. Sell my art 2011,2012,2015
  5. Open a Destination Hotel
  6. Change a life for the better 2011
  7. Not regret telling my brother no 2015
  8. Own and ride a motorcycle.    Again
  9. Go to Sturgis
  10. Take a motorcycle tour of Ireland
  11. Backpack/ ride across southern Europe
  12. See the Parthenon 2014
  13. Look directly at the big Jesus statue in Brazil
  14. Go on a trip with the positively influential women in my life
  15. Owe no money to anyone for any reason
  16. Organize and keep on top of all my paperwork for at least 3 months2013
  17. Own my own home
  18. Sunbathe on a Grecian beach 2014
  19. Start my own school in Mozambique
  20. Have enough time and resources that I can just make art, just make it without feeling like I have other things that are more important that I have to finish 2015
  21. Have a real art studio
  22. Ride a horse in the ocean again
  23. Have a pirate party every year possible
  24. Learn another language to fluency
  25. Work on a vineyard in Southern France
  26. Climb a high tower in a castle 2018 Albania
  27. See a show at the Palais Garnier
  28.  Watch a sunset on an island 2012-2015
  29. Visit the Harry Potter theme park
  30. Take an interstate motorcycle trip (with my dad) 2015
  31. Earn my Masters
  32. Earn my Bachelor’s 2012
  33. Earn my IB certification
  34. Visit a museum in 20 countries. (US, Mexico, Canada, England, Czech, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, Turkey, Greece, Mozambique, Albania, Italy, Indonesia)
  35. Dance in Egypt
  36. Write a book that is published by a known publisher
  37. Give my grandchild back to their parent, because I can
  38. Run in a real race 2012
  39. Have a day where I don’t find anything wrong with myself 2015
  40. Not be afraid of dogs
  41. Breathe at an ashram
  42. Dance the Greek dance and break some dishes
  43. Travel with just a carry-on and a light back pack (like a real traveler) 2014 
  44. Write a curriculum that helps to create reform in the way ESL children are taught Taiwan, Indonesia
  45. Keep in touch with the professors that helped change my life as I received my degrees (so far so good 🙂
  46. Remember that I am lucky, blessed, watched over, and cared about on a daily basis
  47. Be in a play  
  48. Grant a wish for someone
  49. Figure out where the island cove is, what it is called, and go there
  50. Visit Plitvice Lakes
  51. Stay a week in Bali 2019, 2020
  52. Learn Aerial Yoga 2017, just a little bit
  53. Go to the Li River in China
  54. Go to the Great Wall of China
  55. See the Eiffel Tower
  56. Be on TV 2016-17 ORA News English Anchor
  57. Eat fish n’ chips in London 2014
  58. Ride a boat to an island 2018 Albania, 2019 Indonesia

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