Chapter 6: Trina’s journey

The waves rolled over me again and again.  I am going to throw up, no I’m not going to throw up, I’m going to throw up, no I ‘m not going to


…..throw up.  Gross.  Where am I?

“Mrs. Carnelian, are you awake?  Can you tell me where you are? Do you know what day it is?”

Trina looked around, completely unable to understand where she was.  “Why are you calling me MRS?  My name is not Mrs anything?” Trina paused….unable to make any sense of her thoughts   “Is it?”

There was an unnatural feeling of not knowing anything.  Wow is this what amnesia feels like? She spoke uneasily, “What is my name?   Where am I?”
I know this is called amnesia, that must mean something; I know something.

Tremulously Trina asked, “I don’t think I’m a Mrs., but I can’t remember”

Patiently, but with an air of having done this too many times before, Dr. Whels put the clipboard he was holding in front of him and said, “My name is Dr. Whels, I’ve been your doctor since you were 13 and you moved here to Albuquerque, NM.  Your name is Trina Carnelian now that you have married”, he directed his right hand to a man standing off to his right, “Mr. Jason Carnelian.  Before that you were Trina Delaine.”

Trina listened and tried to stay focused but her thoughts were cloudy, drifting.  Her name sounded remotely familiar, but she couldn’t place the name of her supposed husband.

Right then she felt a weird feeling in her throat and she put her hand up to it.  There were bandages everywhere.  Dr. Whels was speaking but she couldn’t pay attention.  Trina started looking at her form through the sheets of the hospital bed.  She had both of her legs, her arms.  A good portion of her was covered in bandages, but she seemed whole.

“Dr. Whels?  What happened to me?”

“Trina, you were in a car accident, you were burnt quite badly and hit your head.  You have some memory damage.  We have been through this portion several times a day for the last week.  You seem to be retaining more information for longer periods of time today.  Jason says it’s been almost an hour this time”.  Dr. Whels exchanged a nod with Jason and they both look at her.

“Who is Brandy?  I remember a Brandy, like a family member, a sister maybe”? That feels right, that must be right.

“You have said that name several times before too Trina, but there is no Brandy that any of us knows about.  You don’t have a sister named Brandy.  You have a brother, who died several years ago, named Greg.  Your parents are both at work, but will be coming in later this evening.  Their names are Cline and Nancy.  Jason has known you since 11th grade but has asked some of your other friends if maybe you had a friend when you were very young named Brandy.”

“Trina, we haven’t found anyone in your past named Brandy.  We don’t know where that name has come from”.

Oh why do I keep feeling sick, ugh

“I need to throw up”

“Does this mean the baby is OK”? Jason asks Dr. Whels.


“Baby! What baby! I’m pregnant?!”

“Yes, Trina, very early, we only discovered it because of the accident, had you noticed any sickness before the accident”?

“Doc, she doesn’t even remember her name”

“I ..I don’t know, I don’t remember anything but maybe, maybe I remember feeling sick….”  I did feel sick, I remember water falling and feeling sick like my stomach was being pulled out and sunglasses…..why do I remember sunglasses?  Who is Brandy?  I know I know a Brandy.

“You remember feeling sick?!”

“I’m gonna be sick now” Ugghhhhhaaaaaghhhhh uuuuuhhhhhhh


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